Do you know who loves your garden more than you? They are the pests! Summer is on and all the pests need the moist soil to keep themselves cool and the delicious food available for them in the garden to eat up.

If you have a garden or a backyard, be sure that you will have a variety of pests who have built their empire there.

Roaches, bees, wasps, butterflies, caterpillars, spiders and what not! But there is something more gruesome in the list. Yes, they are the rodents of all sizes and the rats that love the serenity of your garden.

Rats also love to mess around with your dog who sleeps in the garden. They might even give the poor pet of yours an awful bite too. Are you ignoring a rat in your garden? Always remember that rats come in colonies and groups. If you spot one rat at home, be sure that there are at least five more hiding in your garden.

You might have got a list of numbers of agencies who are experts in rat control. A hundred of chemical pesticides that come with side effects are also seen in the supermarket markets. Well, getting rid of rats is very simple and does not need any of those chemical pesticides or glue traps.

You will just need the right hacks that are very effective on the rats and safe for your kids. Here are some of the easiest hacks you will find to get rid of rats from your outdoor spaces including backyards, balconies, gardens, garages and the terrace. You will also get some simple DIY mice spray ideas that will help you keep the rats away.

Ideas To Have An Environment That Keeps Rats Away

Tips To Make Your Garden Rat-Free

  • Keep Your Outdoors Clutter-free

The first thing that you need to do is to clean up all the mess in your garden. Spacious outdoors do not attract the mice, but the ones with clutter can be a real problem for you. You need to ensure that your gardens and garages are clutter-free always.

Discard all the old newspapers and empty tins. Keep the outdoor furniture well-arranged and minimal. Trim the lawns and keep the grass short so that the rats do not enter your outdoor space because a hundred of other insects live amidst the long grass of your lawn. Your weekend calls for a lot of cleaning and decluttering work at your outdoor space.

  • Open Garbage Bins Bring More Rats

You might have placed huge garbage bins in your backyards or sometimes in your balconies. You need to make sure that you always have bins that come with a closing or a tight lid. Try getting garbage gins that are resistant to rat bites. Rats easily get attracted to both wet and dry wastes.

They can chomp the discarded papers or even the meat bones and vegetable peels in the bin. If you are planning to keep your bins out, choosing the right bin is very essential to have outdoors that are free of rodent infestation.

  • Watchout For Burrows And Holes

You might find the rats running all around in the garden and outdoor spaces of your house during the summer. However, their hideouts remain the same holes and burrows that they make during the winters. Rats live in damp and cool places during summer and the ground of your garden is just the right spot for them to have their infestation.

If you spot a rat anywhere in the backyard or garden, you need to take a keen look at the outside walls of your house or the muddy garden ground. If you spot any holes or burrows, seal them immediately as they are sure to be the homes of rodents and rats.

  • Remember, Rats Are Scavengers

Rodents are omnivores and are amazing scavengers. You need to be very careful if you have a garden or a backyard. Rats feed on rotten feed, including the veggies and the fruits of your garden that have fallen off and left attended. Even the fallen leaves that are getting decayed attract them well.

Do not waste even a minute if you spot any of the fruits or plant material that have fallen off in your garden. They might be very inviting for the rats who are scavengers. Always keep your garden clean. Get help from someone who can visit your home to clean your outdoor spaces in exchange for some money.

Are you exhausted dealing with rats and mice? Here is the all natural and safe mice repellent spray for you to use! It is long-lasting and weather resistant – ideal for outdoor use! Get one here and have rodent-free outdoor spaces.

DIY Mice Repellents And Killers That Are Safe For You

  • Peppermint Spray

Peppermint oil is one of the most common oils that are found in almost all the kitchens of the USA homes. You use it when you have an upset stomach or nausea, but the same oil’s fragrance makes the rats and mice go mad and they leave your home. Yes, the fragrance of peppermint oil that is pleasant for you can drive the rats crazy.

You can use a good mice repellent spray that has the composition of peppermint or make one using the oil in your kitchen. Take the peppermint oil that has very good fragrance and dilute it using water. This becomes your DIY mice spray! You can use it for your gardens and also your indoor spaces. This becomes an easy way to repel rats and mice.

  • Cinnamon Spray

Just like peppermint oil, cinnamon can be a very good rat repellent when you make a mice spray using it. The cinnamon spice that is very commonly used to add flavour and fragrance to your food can be one ingredient that the rats hate. You can churn some cinnamon sticks in a mixer and power it.

Mix it with water and put it into a spray bottle. Use this mixture as a mice spray, but make sure you shake the bottle well when you spray each time so that the cinnamon powder does not settle down in the bottom of the bottle. This drives out the rats because the fragrances give them a burning sensation in the throat.

  • Cocoa-POP Baits

Have your glue traps and mice traps failed you? You better be making a DIY bait that is very effective. Remember to not use this bait if you are having dogs who love your backyard and garden. Mix equal quantities of coffee powder or cocoa powder with some Plaster of Paris powder that is easily available at the store.

Rats get attracted to cocoa or coffee and end up consuming the POP that is mixed along with the edible powder. POP is poisonous for the rats and shrinks its intestine. The rats die immediately. This is the easiest hack to get rid of all the rats in your garden before they make your garden their place of infestation and breed into a huge family of rats.

  • Potato Baits

You very well know that the fresh skin of potatoes that you have peeled can be a great bleaching agent for your face when you rub it on your skin. However, the same potato skin that is dried can be used to kill mice and rodents when you do not discard it.

Dry the potato peels very well in the sun. One they are free of moisture, powder them using a mixer and place them in the areas of rat infestation in your homes, outdoor spaces and garages too.

The hungry rats pounce and eat off all the potato power and get dehydrated. THe intestines and stomach shrink and they die immediately. You can place the potato rat repellent powder in your garden near the plants so that the rats do not nibble on the roots and fruits of your garden.

These are the simplest hacks that can help you have a garden that is free of pests. Try them and let no pests walk into your outdoor space.

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