Choosing what kind of home to move to is a huge decision. Probably one of the biggest you’ll ever make. From top to bottom, interior to exterior, you want it to be perfect, or as close to perfect as can be.

There are a number of house design styles that have remained popular in the US throughout the years. But which one is right for you? Below we’ll take a look at five of the most sought-after types of house styles so you can see which one could be your dream home.

  • Colonial

One of the most iconic American house styles has to be the Colonial home. Dating as far back as the 1600s in some cases, this style was inspired by different settlers who came to the US throughout the ages. Symmetrical exteriors, window shutters, and a rectangular shape are all features of this style.

Due to its history, this house is most commonly found in the northeast, in states such as Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

  • Craftsman

Stemming from the arts and crafts movement, the craftsman style has been a favorite since its arrival in America from Britain in the late 1800s. Craftsman-style homes feature wooden slats, colorful exteriors, cozy porches, and peaked rooves.

The godfather of this movement in America worked out of Pasadena, so many homes in this style are found in California. But it’s possible to find craftsman homes almost everywhere across the US.

  • Farmhouse

The farmhouse style is characterized by lots of wood, big inviting porches, and light, neutral colors. This theme often continues inside with interiors feeling light, airy but above all homey. The farmhouse style is very relaxed, unpretentious, and almost unassuming.

As this is a somewhat neutral style, it can go well in a number of locations and settings. However, as its name would suggest, it looks nowhere more at home than in the country.

  • Mediterranean

A whole world away from the farmhouse style, Mediterranean homes are all about warm, earthy tones, stone finishes, and huge patios. This style of house takes its inspiration from Spanish and Italian architecture. Terracotta rooves and ornate tiles are common features.

As it’s inspired by homes in warmer climes, this style of home is all about indoor-outdoor living. You’ll see this style most often on the west coast, in warmer areas.

  • Modern

Features of the modern or contemporary style include clean lines, big windows, and dark dramatic colors. This style is less focused on creating a homey feel and more on producing a dramatic effect.

Again, these are homes that are found everywhere and aren’t confined to just one location. However, the large amount of glass and windows they typically possess might make them better suited to more secluded areas.

Choosing Between House Design Styles

Aside from aesthetics, a lot of considerations should go into choosing your home. Price, location, and size should all be taken into account. Think of the future, also. A home you’re buying should be suitable to sell now as well as later down the line, should you so choose to do so.

The Bottom Line

Above all else, you need to ensure that the home you’re choosing is a home you love. House design styles and trends come and go, but a true home should be something that stands the test of time.

If you’ve found this guide useful, have a look at the rest of our home improvement content for further tips and tricks.

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