Them is a perfect series for adventure-seeking watchers. It’s so interesting that it made a combo of portraying past societal issues and sinister. It is a very creative anthology from which you’ll surely learn from.

If you’re planning on a movie night with friends, add this to your bucket list now!

What is the series ‘Them’ all about?

‘Them’ is a horror anthology by breakout creator Little Marvin streamed on Amazon Prime. This is Marvin’s showrunner debut as a writer and creator. It’s his debut series that had amazing feedback and support from fans.

The movie series is based on the 1950s turbulent  Great Migration of African Americans. It highlights a Black family moving in California – an all-White neighborhood. Imagine what is going to happen with this family.

It is an unfortunate path for the Emory family. The evilness of racism leads them to a dark and sinister path. It is too much to bear and to handle. Both the insidious house spirits and the bigoted neighbors influenced everything.

The show chronicles their difficulty from moving to a new place, facing terrorism every single day. They transferred there hoping to start a new life. But, it turned the other way around.

It’s too painful that their family has to go through all the tormenting treatments of their neighbors. How sick was society before and, undeniably, up until now?

The scenes aren’t mild. It includes golliwogs hanging from nooses, supernatural undertones, rape, and worst is, the death of a newborn baby.

Of the violence portrayed, we could ask why this was played on t.v. But looking deeper about the story, you will realize how it makes one feel being tormented and ditched by a society where you are supposed to be living peacefully in.

The movie garnered lots of praise for its best social commentary and powerful suspense. What a break as an exploration of terror that happened to African Americans! This series was even praised by the horror legend himself, Stephen King.

Little Marvin has a good taste of storytelling capabilities. He made it very compelling. This debut series made the fans crave for more! And, we’ve got you covered! Learn more about Them Season 2.

When is Them Season 2 Going to be released?

Them was released on April 9, 2021, on Amazon Prime. You can avail of Amazon Prime’s premium services by subscribing for a monthly or yearly fee.

Them has 10 episodes which range between 32 to 45 minutes long. All are exciting and amazing episodes that you would enjoy. The good news is Them being a series that is originally commissioned for 2 seasons by Amazon Studios back in 2018.

The show creator Little Marvin is the writer for both. Let’s sit back and relax. There will be a chilling season coming and to look forward to.

The first season was a very creative anthology. It’s wrapped up within the first season itself. It means Little Marvin overlaps working on season 2 before season 1 was even released.

It was in 2018 that the first season had been around when the show was pitched. The script for season 2 is ideally finished by then. However, we see no updates for the filming of the second season yet.

Little Marvin has given hints of the themes that will be carried to the next season but he is quite tight-lipped in giving out more details. No production and date release is given yet.

It took a little longer for season 1’s production so let us expect the next season to be released earliest in Summer 2022.

Who is going to be the cast of Them Season 2

Them Season 1 portrays the Emory family and the evil characters who torment them. It focuses on the family that transferred to Los Angeles in 1953.

Christopher Heyerdahl as the Black Hat Man and Alison Pill as Elizabeth “Betty” Wendell are the main antagonists.

Them is an anthology series that features a different storyline and period. Don’t expect much of the Emory family to be shown again in the second season.

The show focuses on minorities and experiences of terrors of the African Americans in the past, there might be only a few actors to portray malevolent characters from season 1 to return in season 2.

That is how anthology works. There is a big chance that most of the characters in the next season will be entirely different from the first one.

What is Them Season 2’s Plot

It was disclosed by the show creator and writer Little Marvin that there will be different times and places for every season. He’d like it to be unique. But, it will entirely be focusing on how those people have been historically marginalized and their stories of actual experiences of terror.

Little Marvin dropped a few hints. There are many historical films. He felt like there are dark and surreal sides of the past that needed to be explored.

This writer made a perfect blend of jump scares and social commentary. We can expect it to continue in the next season. He explored fragmentation in our society in the past through a sinister lens of the horror genre.

You will realize lots of things from Them anthology. It’s made clearer how people are in a sick and toxic society. Surely, you will learn how to respond to it now that you’ll get a background from the film itself

Watch this with your friends but not with your kids. It shows explicit content. And, if you’re looking for another interesting movie series, you should watch ‘Them’, especially that another season is coming up next.

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