Electric bikes for commuting provide an accessible and surprisingly affordable alternative to a commuter vehicle. Most people automatically assume that a 500w electric bike will be significantly slower and less cost-effective for commuting and basic transportation around the city.

However, most evidence suggests the exact opposite, that fast electric bikes for sale are more cost-effective and more beneficial to city life in general. If you are on the fence about buying an e-bike or hanging up your car keys, consider the five benefits or five reasons why you should choose an electric bike over a car.

1. Exercise

How much exercise are you getting driving 15 to 30 miles a day back and forth from work? Most people work desk jobs and then spend their commute sitting behind their steering wheel. Neither activity is highly beneficial to your overall health, and sitting has even earned speculation as a cardiovascular risk.

An electric bike, while motorized, does provide the opportunity for exercise or physical fitness in general. Most e-bike models are pedal-assist, meaning that the electric motor is only kicking in as you’re peddling. However, even the full power options still permit the rider to pedal and get more distance from a single charge.

2. Transportation and Parking

How often have you been late to work because you get stuck in traffic? Or, how often have you got to work and realized there’s no place to park except in the back of the lot? You won’t have that same problem with an electric bike. E-bikes can be parked anywhere you park a traditional bike.

Some employers will even allow you to bring your bicycle inside for security reasons. Therefore, with the purchase of an e-bike, you might see yourself being on time more often and finding a premium parking space daily.

3. Cost-Effective Transportation Solution

It is true that some e-bikes cost upwards of $1,000. While that can be a hard financial pill to swallow, that is significantly cheaper than other vehicles on the market, even used. Additionally, electric bikes don’t come with the added costs of insurance, gas money, registration fees, Etc.

Electric bicycles will not eliminate the need for a car, but they will provide the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly expenses. In fact, you might be able to eliminate one family vehicle depending on your proximity to essentials.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Cars present the most significant risk to the environment, especially in the United States. Carbon emissions are a significant problem that requires a solution of fewer cars on the road.

Electric bikes being used as commuter vehicles is one way to drastically reduce your carbon footprint, meaning that you can save money and save the environment by choosing to ride an electric bike.

5. Fun

You can’t deny the fun factor of owning an e-bike. Electric bikes allow you to enjoy family time, commute to work, go exploring, and do any number of outdoor activities with family and friends or solo. An e-bike is a purchase you will not regret.

Does an e-bike sound like something you’d be interested in? Head over to your local bike shop and take a test drive.

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