All your hair needs is love. But occasionally, it helps to also nourish it with the best foods, too.

Add top foods for hair health to your maintenance routine each week. Here is an overview of the best foods you should be eating to improve your hair health.


Make sure you’re getting a good amount of protein each day if you want to improve your hair health. Protein is actually what your hair is made of.

If your body gets enough of the right types of protein, it can produce everything it needs to create a healthy head of hair. The best proteins are lean making them easier for the body to digest.

A few great lean protein options are plant-based meat supplements, chicken breasts and seafood. Seafood is the best option for daily consumption because it can be added to breakfast lunch or dinner.

Opt for a grilled shrimp topping on your salad or smoked salmon on a bagel in the morning. The options are pretty diverse for seafood and won’t put a strain on your grocery budget.

Luscious Locks You Have


Seafood has another bonus: it’s jam-packed with Omega-3. You need Omega-3 for both healthy hair and brain performance.

Try salmon for a boost of Omega-3 in your diet. This fatty fish is filled with the vitamins and nutrients you need to create a balanced meal.

The B vitamins in salmon help you fight off brain fog that comes up during the day giving you more mental clarity. Try salmon as a lunch option with a side of steamed vegetables or as a burger at dinner.

Salmon burgers taste great on a whole wheat bun with lemon aioli and arugula. Serve with a side of sweet potato fries for a hearty summer meal.


Vitamin C is the answer to all your hair health needs. Well, that’s only a slight exaggeration because vitamin C helps your body absorb iron and with great results.

Without iron, you can kiss good blood circulation goodbye. Your hair health is dependent upon your body’s ability to actually bring your scalp and hair follicles the nutrients it needs.

Ramp up your vitamin C intake to help more iron get absorbed into the bloodstream.


Poor circulation is a leading cause of fragile hair. If you want to improve the circulation of blood in the scalp, you can improve your iron intake.

Most people think of red meat when it comes to getting enough iron. But there are other foods that are fortified with iron that can help you reach your dietary goals each day.

Lentils and spinach are top plant-based iron sources that are better absorbed with a citrus companion in tow. Make sure to plan out your meals to include a wide variety of nutrients so they can all work to build great hair health.

Finding the Way to Great Hair Health

Hair Health is a gift that keeps on giving. With a healthy head of hair, you’ll be more confident and ready to tackle conflicts that come up during the day.

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