Did you know that cyber-crime has increased by 600% in the post-pandemic era? 71% of surveyed companies in early 2021 reported cyber attacks, up from around 50% in 2020. Managed security platforms are vitally important to avoid infection, sensitive data leakage, and unauthorized access.

The vast majority of cybercriminals are looking for elements in your business system that are visible and open to exploit, like listed email addresses. These critical points are called attack surfaces. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to prevent a cyber attack is to get professional attack surface management (ASM).

Keep reading for our picks of the best ASM packages available.

Cyberpion Attack Surface Management

Cyberpion is the premium ASM service for large and still growing companies. If your company has had successful growth on the internet for a while, the typical approach for designing services and marketing online may have left you more exposed than you realize. Working with partners, third-party services, and outsourcing marketing creates a large network of exposed channels.

Cyberpion offers its users the Ecosystem Security platform. This product allows the company to monitor threats along any digital channel it has ever used. This way the company is secure from all threats that were previously hidden in this way.

If you want to protect your business from almost all kinds of vulnerabilities on the internet then click here.


Informer is an ASM service that allows you to take a more hands-on approach to vulnerability management. This platform scans your company’s digital footprint 24/7 and displays all potential threats on one easy-to-read page. From there you or your managed IT service can decide what to do about potential threats.


Axonius is built for companies with thousands of employees and multiple campuses. It’s not one attack surface software, but rather a hive-mind of 200 different types of security solutions.

When your company deploys Axonius, it will get to work scanning the whole company’s digital infrastructure. Axonius does everything from identifying all the company’s digital assets to closing security gaps.

Top Free ASM Software: Quantum Armor

If you want to reduce the risk your attack surface poses with a free trial, then go with Quantum Armor. Just because it has a free trial doesn’t mean it’s not an effective ASM product.

Quantum Armor offers its users a variety of different tools for external attack management. It can display your attack surface and leave you to make the decisions or it can shrink your attack surface with an automatic protocol. It can even detect a cyber attack way before critical damage is done with the cyber kill chain method.

Defend Yourself Digitally

More and more of our public and personal lives are integrating with the internet, which is why it’s become vital to have some form of cyber defense. Attack surface management is just as crucial for businesses as anti-virus software, VPNs, and promoting cyber hygiene. If you run a business, get yourself a free or paid vulnerability management service today and boost your online defenses.

Did you not know about attack surface management as cyber-protection? Learn more about digital tech innovations and trends by checking out our tech blog today.

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