We all have grown up watching cartoon series of our favorite cartoon characters, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Batman, Superman and so many. Today I would like to draw your attention to one such animated series created by a woman. It is Steven Universe. This is an American animated series revolving around a young boy as a central character living in a fictional town.

Ever since this cartoon series became popular, it has garnered a huge fan following. The cartoon series started a very long back year and ended in the last year (2019). There are around five seasons of this cartoon series that has streamed the TV screens. Now, there is much curiosity for its new season. So let us find out when it is going to happen.

Show Details 

TV Series: Steven Universe
Genre: Action, science, fantasy, drama, fiction, comedy
Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Executive producers: Jackie Buscarino & Chuck Austen
Place Of Origin: United States
Original network: Cartoon Network
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 5
Number of episodes: 160

Steven Universe Season 6 Release Date

Some Facts About Steven Universe

Besides the cartoon series, there came a TV film of Steven Universe. It came last year in September. After that, there was an ending series with limited episodes. It aired from 2019 to the present year 2020 in March. The series emphasized relationship values, family as well as love. Do you know the central character of the cartoon series was inspired by the real one? And he was none other than the young sibling of Rebecca, the first woman creator of the animated series.

The idea of developing Steven Universe came when she was working as a writer and artist (storyboard) for another cartoon series on Cartoon Network. She left it when given the task for the complete production of the series. The storyboard artists of the Steven Universe had the onus of penning down the characters’ dialogues as well as developing the action according to the storyboard. The reading stuff based on the cartoon series was also released apart from video games inspired by it.

Story Plot Of Steven Universe Cartoon Series

As mentioned above, Steven Universe revolves around a young boy who lives in a fictional town. He is joined by Crystal Gems living nearby his place. They are always ready to charge upon the evil forces to save humanity. These Gems are the young fighter aliens that transform into a humanoid form resembling a woman. There are four members in the Crystal Gems including Steven who got his supernatural gemstone power from his mother. So altogether, Steven is adjoined with the company of his pet lion, his trustworthy friend, Connie, and the Gems.

If you watch its first season, then you will come to know about the whereabouts of Crystal Gems, like, where they came from, their objectives, and so much. It is very interesting to see how Steven, a young boy fights with the evil forces in saving humanity. But what shocks him is that the forces which he is aimed to fight are also Gems which are spoiled by weapons for destruction, and can never take the form of humans. Watch out for more such elements about Steven in discovering about the Gems.

In another following season, a character named Peridot joins the company of Crystal Gems intending to protect the earth from getting destroyed by the use of destructive weapons. In the following seasons, it shows more adventures like the capture of Jasper, Steven coming to know about his mother killing one of the Gems rulers. There are many twists in the Steven Universe cartoon series if you watch the previous seasons. It will give you an idea about the base of the story of the animated show.

How The Concept Of Steven Universe Came In?

When the ex-vice president of Cartoon Network demanded suggestion for the newbie cartoon series that would entertain its young viewers to the fullest. During that time, Rebecca was working as a storyboard artist for another cartoon series, and she was the one who introduced the idea of Steven Universe to him. Finding a worthy suggestion, soon the working on the project started.

The executives of the Cartoon Network initiated the new cartoon series, after analyzing the art showcase of the crew. And this made Rebecca, the first woman to independently work upon the animated series for Cartoon Network.

The commissioning of the animated series paved Rebecca to discontinue her task of storyboarding for a cartoon series on which she was working before and concentrated upon her new independent animated series.

She emphasized the leading characters and decided on their personalities that would add spark to the humour of Steven Universe. There had been talks between Rebecca with experts from the production team to decide the plot of Steven’s communication with Crystal Gems.

Getting Permission From Younger Brother

The character of Steven from the Steven Universe animated series was not developed with imagination but was inspired by Rebecca’s younger brother. When the process of this cartoon series was under development, Rebecca kept on asking her brother about whether it will sound appealing to name the character after him. When the show was authorized she put an end to her constant questioning. Also, her brother gave her a thumbs-up signal to proceed in naming the character.

Steven Universe Season 6

After enjoying the adventures of Steven, there is more excitement for Steven Universe Season 6. Now there is good news for Steven’s young fans. The upcoming season 6 of Steven Universe will be going to hit the screens from 7th December. It will be airing on Saturday with constant follow-up of episodes. Zack Callison will remain the voice behind Steven, the lead character of the animated series.

Just like its previous seasons, season 6 will also be focussing upon the adventures of Steven and Crystal Gems. If you have watched the initial episode of Steven Universe, then you will know that most of the emphasis was put upon the Gems. Whereas in the second episode, the focus shifted to Steven’s character, and how he is not happy with the Gems. And in the next two episodes, showcased Pink Diamond’s character, and how she revamps her scarred face. She is helped by Steven and his friends. In the follow-up episodes, we saw Steven experiencing a shocking integration.

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