If you are bored off watching the same old family drama, then better switch your choice to some other American TV series having multiple ingredients including teen drama, action, mystery, and adventure. And you can find all these in Outer Banks. This Television show made its debut on the Netflix network in the current year on 15th April. In the following month, the series was slated for the release of its second season.

Show Details 

TV Series: Outer Banks
Genre: Teen drama, action, adventure, mystery and thriller
Created by: Josh Pate, Shannon Burke & Jonas Pate
Narrated by: Chase Stokes
Place Of Origin: United States
Original network: Netflix
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 10

Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date 


Outer Banks TV series revolves around young people also called Pogues. The group is determined to discover the mystery behind the missing of their group ringleader’s father. During their adventure, they come across a mythical treasure that is attached to the ringleader, John B’s father. And then the story takes twists and turns.

The one big challenge Pogues faces is getting chased by a wealthy and legal group called Kooks. The young group (Pogues) look forward to saving themselves from drugs, enmity, loving emotions, and getting success in reaching the target set by the father of John B, who had been working for a long time. There are many characters in this American TV series, including the main lead John B played by Chase Stokes.

Briefing The Season 1 Story Till Now

To inculcate interest in watching Outer Banks, let me give you a brief idea about the events that have taken place in season 1 of this American TV series. So there is a group living in the Outer Banks Island, popularly called Pogues. The group is headed by John B, the ringleader. He is joined by friends like Pope, Kiara, and others. The story takes an interesting turn when John B is being called at his school office letting him know about his father missing for months.

Even though John B is supported by his uncle who takes care of him, but he is too not with him for a long time. DCS wants to help him find a private home, where he could be taken care of. But due to the emerging danger of cyclone which is fast approaching towards the Outer Banks Island prompts them to suspend the check-ins. When this fast-paced cyclone finally takes the island into its clutches, the Pogues find a better alternative in boats to an area where they could do fishing.

The group reaches a sand bar and views a ship that appears to be sinking. After seeing it, the group dives down and finds a key that takes them to the motel room. When two of the members of the group approach the room, they discover some items including a gun, money, and an envelope. JJ, one of the Pogue group members, grabs the opportunity by carrying cash and a gun when a judicial officer has to face off with them. Luckily, both John B and JJ manage to run away from the window leaving the officer busy in his room investigation.

And the Trouble Starts

Later on, Pogues find a beach to spend quality time at the party. But there comes a problem. Suddenly, a fight takes place between the Pogue ringleader, John B, and someone from the enemy group, Kooks. The scuffle between them turns more serious when Topper from Kooks group overpowers John B and dips his head inside the water forcefully, suffocating him almost. But somehow JJ intervenes in between and points a gun towards Topper forcing him to leave John B as soon as possible. And finally, he leaves the Pogue ringleader.

After the release of John B, JJ makes a shot-creating fear among the other people present at the party. Out of fear, everyone gets dispersed. After the incident, Pogues goes back to the boat to discover it. For this, John B takes help from his employer for the need of getting scuba gear.

Once again, the Pogue group gets into trouble when attacked by two people in another boat while returning from the crashed site. But Kiara, one of the members, plays a smart trick by throwing away the net which gets entangled to the motor, giving them a chance to speed up and run away. When the group reaches their home, they discover a compass of John B’s father while opening the bag they had found.

So this was the excerpt from the first season of Outer Banks. To know what happens next, you need to watch this mysterious teen drama series on Netflix. The motive behind giving you the extract was to revive what happened before. So if the extract of season 1 has inculcated the interest in you, then better watch the TV series.

Outer Bank Season 2

Those who have watched the first season of Outer Banks can’t just wait to see the new trailer of season 2 of this wonderful American TV series. So for their excitement, let me reveal one hint that the Bahamas would be the next destination for the Pogues to explore their treasure adventures. However, the group will return to Outer Banks Island, as it is their abode.

Any New Faces To Be Seen In The Season 2 Of Outer Bank?

Well, there might be a possibility to add new actors in season 2 of the Outer Bank series. Overall, the actors we have seen playing their characters in the first season will continue to reprise their roles. Fans of Outer Boat might also get to see a new destination in the new season. It is possibly the Bahamas.

When To Expect?

Well, the release of Outer Banks season 2 is not possible in the current year, 2020. And the one common factor that has become the cause of disruption is COVID-19. Yes, ever since it began in Wuhan city of China, till now there are no such updates about its vaccine. More and more cases are still rising. So it would become the cause of delaying the release of the new season. Even if we guess, then one can expect by 2021 mid-period. But don’t over expect any new follow-up seasons of this American thriller, mystery teenage drama series on Netflix.

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