Reading novels is the best way to spend quality time with yourself. But what if a miniseries is adapted on the same name and is shown on TV screens. Naturally, it will make you overjoyed. The craze of reading the novel will double up your interest in watching a show that is adapted from it. One such example is Good Omens. It is a miniseries adapted from the novel with a similar name during the 90s.

The idea behind creating a novel based miniseries with limited episodes is Neil Gaiman. He is the one who has penned down the story plot of Good Omens and has presented it in the form of miniseries to entertain the viewers. The mini TV series comprises many actors, including Miranda Richardson, David Tennant, and many more. The voice of God in Good Omens is of Frances McDormand. The episodes of Good Omens are streamed on Amazon video. So download it if you haven’t yet.

Show Details 

TV Series: Good Omens
Based on:  Novel with same name
Created & written by: Neil Gaiman
Directed by: Douglas Mackinnon
Place Of Origin: United States & United Kingdom
Main Cast: David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Nina Sosanya & more
Original language: English
Original release: 31st May, 2019
Number of episodes: 6

Good Omens Season 2 Release Date 

Story Plot

Good Omens was originally released on 31st May 2019. The story of this miniseries revolves around the demon and angel who have been together many times. They have been used to living on earth and each represents hell and heaven. They have a task to intercept the emergence of the antichrist and Armageddon, the last fight taking place between Hell and Heaven. The one who is essaying the role of an angel called Aziraphale is Michael Sheen. He is shown living on earth at the time of its creation. Similarly, the demon named Crowley has also been there since the time of creation.

The actor who plays the role of the demon is David Tennant. He is that one snake who made Eve consume an apple from the tree of good and evil knowledge. On the other side, Aziraphale, the angel was the one who had the onus to safeguard the Garden of Eden by using his special sword. At the time when both Adam and Eve were ousted from the garden, he gave the sword to both of them. And so other actors are playing their part of roles in Good Omens. So watch this miniseries and know it.

Good Omen: From Novel To TV Series

Both Neil and Terry had once come up with the idea of bringing up the idea of Good Omens into a TV series. They even took help from several directors regarding the project. He also referred two writers of the TV series, but no further announcement came into being. The worst came when Terry Pratchett, one of the writers of Good Omen, passed away.

His untimely death shocked Gaiman who almost thought of canceling the idea of novel adaptation. But soon he was prompted to reconsider his decision. And the thing which made him do so was the letter written by Pratchett before his death. In the letter, Pratchett requested Gaiman to complete the delayed project.

Getting The Green Flag

Then came an announcement in 2017 in January by Amazon video network flagging the green signal for the adaptation of Good Omens novel to miniseries in the United Kingdom. It was co-produced with the British Broadcasting Corporation. Gaiman along with others was included by the executive producers. Now Gaiman was fully prepared as showrunner of the Good Omen miniseries after getting adapted from a novel with the same name.

When it came to the casting of the main lead actors, the names of David Tennant and Michael Sheen were roped in to play the demon and angel. After the finalization of the main characters, Gaiman soon revealed the other leading star cast including Nina Sosanya on a social media platform.

Shooting Of Good Omens

It took around six months for the main photography of the Good Omens to ever start from September 2017 to March 2018. Most of the scenes were shot in many parts of the United Kingdom and some in South Africa. Three years back in October the production team of Good Omens was seen shooting some scenes in a South East England country, Surrey. The shooting of this TV miniseries also took place in parts of London.

The major scenes for which the shooting took place represented the bookshop of Aziraphale, the name of the angel in the Good Omens series. There were more scenes which were shot in suitable locations in England. Now it might seem surprising for all of us that both Gaiman and Pratchett were not familiar with the car model which was mentioned in the novel, Good Omens. It was Bentley, the 1926 model. Gaiman had a 1933 model in mind which he implemented in the latter TV series.

When To Expect, The Second Season?

After getting a good response from the viewers, expectations have risen to watch Good Omens season 2. However, there is no such clarity on its release by Neil Gaiman and the production team. But there must be a second season as the TV series has fared well in entertaining its viewers with a sturdy script and fabulous star cast.

The major reason that is playing the spoilsport in the release of the second season is none other than the COVID-19 pandemic. If the situation all over the world starts improving with the end of this virus, only then we can expect an official announcement from the makers of Good Omens.

Any New Actors In The Second Season Of Good Omens?

Since viewers are greatly impressed with the acting prowess of actors,  in the TV series, they would love to see them in the new season also. David Tennant has played a negative role in one of the mini-series also. However, there are some chances to see the new faces in the upcoming season of Good Omens.

Story Plot Of Good Omens Season 2

Since there has been no official teaser of Good Omens has hit the screens yet, so it won’t be possible to speculate the story plot. But there will be some twists. Till then you can enjoy watching its first season to keep yourself entertained.

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