Web series have gained tremendous popularity among viewers from all over the world. One such example is Startup. It is an American web TV drama series conceptualized by its maker Ben Ketai.

The premier of this web series drama happened four years back. It has a good cast of actors including Addison Timlin, Adam Brody, and many others. Back in November 2017, the Startup web series once again hit the screens with its third season release in 2018. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Startup Season 4
Genre: Drama
Created by: Ben Ketai
Distributor: Sony Pictures Television
Place Of Origin: United States
Main Cast: Otmara Marrero, Edi Gathegi, Adam Brody & more
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 3
Number of episodes: 30

Startup Season 4 Release Date

Brief Storyline

The startUp has an interesting storyline to make its viewers gripped with excitement. The story revolves around the GenCoin that has set upon being the amazing tech idea revolving around a digital currency. However, this tech idea is also very controversial ever since it has been exposed to some people who are far away from being called tech experts. They are constantly under the notice of an agent from the FBI. He is determined to nab them one day.


StartUp web series comprises many actors. Each performing their characters starting from the main lead including Otmara Marrero playing the role of Izzy Morales and Adam Brody performing as Nick Talman. They are joined by other co-actors including Mira Sorvino, playing as Rebecca Stroud, Kelvin Harrison Jr, Ashley Hinshaw, and various others.

To know about the characters they are essaying in the web series, you need to better watch the previous seasons of StartUp. Only then, you will understand the concept and the characters in it. 

Brief Hint Of The StartUp Web Series And The Characters

To generate your interest in the web series, let me give you a brief hint about the storyline via the characters who are playing their roles in it. The story showcases the FBI agent, threatening a person who is involved in misusing the money for sending funds unlawfully to the people with bad intentions.

The person even requests his son to remove the funds from offshore accounts, but he pays no heed to his father’s requests. Then there is a character called Izzy Morales played by Otmara Marrero, who drains up her monetary choices for a digital currency, GenCoin.

Then the main lead character of the StartUp web series, Nick Talman played by Adam Brody is very much impressed by Izzy, utilizes the illegal money that can be of much use for her work. When Andrew seeks to hide somewhere, Nick gets an unexpected visit from an FBI agent and later by one of the officials whose money was misused by Andrew. And then the series of events take place afterward. 

More About StartUp Web Series

The startUp is the best web series for all those who love watching thrills. This American web series came into being in 2016 on Crackle network on which it was initially premiered. All kudos goes to Ben Ketai who is behind the creation of this wonderful thrilling American web series. Till now, there have been 3 seasons of StartUp. Each season comprised 10 episodes each. This American web series is counted among the major hit shows in American entertainment. Soon, viewers could watch it on Amazon too.

Despite an appealing storyline and being one of the top American web series, StartUp failed to impress the critics. But that hardly matters for viewers, as for them it is a big hit TV show. When the first season became much hit among the viewers, Sony Pictures Television was prompted to come up with another follow up season.

And the result once again came positive among the audience. Now, such is the craze for this thrilling web series that viewers are not able to hold their patience for a long time and are eagerly waiting for the new 4th season of StartUp soon. But sadly, they have to enhance their patience level, as till now, no such official announcement has been made so far from its makers. 

Release Date Of StartUp Season 4

Now, it will seem very surprising yet annoying regarding the release of season 4 of the StartUp web series. Previously, since the airing of Season 2, there has been not much time gap in the coming of Season 3. When StartUp season 2 streamed on Crackle network in 2017 in September, the follow-up of season 3 soon got a green flag in the same year in November. But for the latest season which is four, it is taking so much time. Seems the makers of the series have stopped referring to a similar pattern.

Well, no need to be disheartened, since there has been no declaration of StartUp season four cancellation. So there is still a ray of hope to expect the streaming of the latest season on some other platform. How the StartUp web series has garnered much popularity in entertaining its viewers, it won’t sound good to know about the cancellation of its new season. But makers of the latter American web series are helpless in bringing it up due to global pandemic effects caused by none other than persisting coronavirus. It might be possible to see season 4 hitting the TV screens by next year. But please take it as only a guess, not surety. 

Starcast Of StartUp Season 4

Just like people are inquisitive about the release of StartUp season 4, they are also curious to know about the star cast of the thrilling web series. If you are expecting any new entrants in the StartUp season 4, then it is not at all possible.

Actors who have been essaying their characters from previous seasons will continue to play their roles in the new season also. Adam Brody and Martin Freeman will reprise their roles of Nick Talman and Phil Rask. Similarly, other actors whom you had been seeing playing the characters in the web series will continue the same. 

Story Plot Of StartUp Season 4

Well, not much can be revealed about the story plot of StartUp Season 4, but there will surely be new twists in the series. It has been noticed that not much emphasis was given on actor Martin Freeman in the previous season. But in the new season, we might see him back with a prominent appearance. 

So guys till then wait and watch.

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