How did you feel when you just finished watching the last episode of Somali and the Forest Spirit Season 2? To me, it was like a very interesting chapter of my life had ended, and now I had nothing exciting to do.

Did you also feel the same? Somali and the Forest Spirit was not just another anime show, but it was a connection with a world full of love, longing, and adventures.

It has been more than two years since the fun-filled journey of Somali and Golem’s adventures has ended, and we all have been waiting to witness them in the second season since then.

Will there be any second season of Somali and the Forest Spirit? If yes, when is season 2 of Somali and the Forest Spirit going to be released? Let us dive into the news we have collected so far to know the answers!

Should We Wait For The ‘Somali And The Forest Spirit’ Season 2 Or Not?

‘Somali and the Forest Spirit’ (Somari to Mori no Kamisama) is an anime adaptation series based on a fantasy manga series created by Yako Kureishi. It was aired from April 2015 to October 2019. The manga series was called off in December 2020 due to some unknown reasons.

After the cancellation of the manga series, the release of Somali and the Forest Season 2 has become doubtful. We don’t know whether the series will be continued or not as there has been no official announcement from the makers of the show.

Later, it came out that the cancellation was due to creator Yako Gureishi’s deteriorating health. As no news has been known about the current condition of the manga creator Yako Gureishi, it is difficult to say even whether there will be any second franchise of this much-anticipated series on not. Let us just hope well.

Effect Of Manga’s Cancellation On The Release Of Somali And The Forest Spirit Season 2

As this is a well-known fact that the Manga series are adopted into anime series to generate more sales and revenue. The aim of this adaptation is to attract anime fans to buy the source material of their favorite animes. Now as the manga on which the series of Somali and the Forest Spirit was based has got canceled itself, there are the chances that the makers might not go with the option of making the second season of the show.

Expected Release Date Of ‘Somali And The Forest Spirit’ Season 2

Looking at the above-mentioned facts and possibilities, we cannot say anything about the expected release date of season 2. We should only be waiting for more news to come and then predict the expected release date accordingly.

Are The Makers Short Of Source Material?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, because the original manga series that got called off was based on six volumes. Season one of the Somali and the Forest Spirit had covered almost everything from six volumes, leaving not enough content for coming up seasons.

However, the maker might not be lacking content as their production house has made many original animes, and they can stretch the show to the second season with a new storyline. Maybe they come up with better ideas, and the new season gets more popularity than the previous one.

What Was The Storyline Of Somali And The Forest Spirit Season 1?

The story takes you to a world where humans are consumed as fodders by monsters. The journey revolves around an unusual pair of characters; a golem and a human child. The golem who was never specifically called by the name, meets a young human girl. They both develop an emotional connection for each other and share a relationship just like a father and a daughter. They both start traveling together, but the golem has only one more year to live.

So he goes on to hunt for other humans to whom he can hand over the little girl. He wants to make sure the girl is in the safe hands of the same creature as her before he dies.

From the very first episode of the season, the bonding between the two different creatures hits the right chords of your heart. The two protagonists make sure to make the series heartwarming and tear-jerking.

The character of Somali remains the talk of the show. Her never-ending curiosity often leads her into trouble. All the time, she keeps wearing a hooded cloak so that no one identifies her as a human because humans are considered as the food for survival in this world. The great writing and the exceptional voice-over by Inori Minase bring the true sense of youthfulness, happiness, and innocence through the character of Somali. With the fine expressions of energy, emotions, and feelings, Somali makes everyone fall in love with her in no time.

After all the beauty of Somali comes the truthfulness of Golem. One will just go out of words when describing the character of Golem. Golem was introduced as just another guardian of the forest who never leaves his territory and only intervenes with other monsters when required.

After having found a human child, he makes it a point to take care of that little human-angel himself. This is when he starts developing a human connection with that girl and treats her like his own child.

What Could Be The Possible Story Of Season 2?

The first season of Somali and the Forest Spirit was a sweet and endearing anime that depicted the journey of two characters: an old Golem and a little human girl. This amazing journey shaped them better, changed them for the better in every possible way while giving some important lessons about life to the audience.

Getting immense popularity with the anime community, “Somali and the Forest Spirit” was one of the most heartbreaking shows of the season. That being said, now we can only guess what can be the possible story of the second season as we do not have any source material right now.

Let’s leave it to the creative minds of the makers how they mold the new story of the return of Somali and the Forest Spirit.

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