Classroom of the Elite is a popular novel series created by Shogo Kinugasa. It is a famous drama anime based on light novels and manga of the same name. Classroom of the Elite shows the lives of the school students of popular high schools.

The school is the most prestigious academic institution in Japan. The character of the series Kivotaka Ayanokoji is a super-genius student who put himself to the lowest rank of the school purposefully for an unknown reason. After joining the school, Kiyotaka came to know that the achievements of the school’s academic surround more disruptive than the studies. It spurred Kiyotaka, and he tried to protect him and his friends as they began to climb to the school’s rank.

The original novel the Classroom of the elite was published in 2015. In 2017, it was adapted by both manga and anime on-screen. But the series was unable to adapt source material entirely.

Due to this, fans are eagerly waiting for the on-air of the second season. The creators of the series have unlikely neglected to cancel the series officially and look for the show’s potential continuation. This makes the information about Classroom of the Elite Season 2 spare, and there is a lot to discuss regarding the show’s plot and expected release date.

Keep reading because here is what you need to know about the Classroom of the Elite Season 2.

What are the Characters of the Classroom of the Elite?

No show, drama, series or anime is complete without casting strong characters, and Classroom of the Elite brought some unique faces to its viewers. Shouya Chiba did the voiceover of protagonist Kiyotaka Ayankoji in Japanese and the English language; Justin Briner voiced it.

The anime also contains many supporting characters; without them, the series was incomplete. The most prominent character is the intelligent yet soft-spoken Suzune Horikita, who ranks the lowest in the academy. She became friends with Kiyotaka, further joined by Kikyou Kushida, a popular fellow Kiyotaka and Suzune. They want to become friends with all the peers of the academy, especially Suzune.

The Storyline of the Classroom of the Elite

Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School receives funds from the government to encourage the hopefulness of the next generation by bringing the brightest Japanese youths altogether onto a single campus. Kiyotaka Ayanokouiji came to this seemingly perfect institution and became a class 1-D. In the class, he befriends his antisocial classmate Suzune Horikita.

At first, his class fellows took advantage of all the art facilities and revealed the leisurely lifestyle of the academy. However, soon the high school announces that only classes who score the top ranking will be able to utilize the school’s offerings, and class D is far away from achieving the status. Students of class D was announced as the worst student at the bottom of the hierarchy.

After seeing this rude awakening, Ayanokouji Horikita and his class fellows start clashing against other classes to overcome their differences and achieve Class A’s position by all means.

Will the Second Season of the Classroom of the Elite Come Back?

No official announcement for the Classroom of the Elite Season 2 has been made yet, nor it was never confirmed. Chances are more likely we will never get a release date for the upcoming anime of the Classroom of the Elite Season 2.

We will get the release date only for a reboot; OVA or Kadokawa will adapt 2nd year. If the creators of this series have any plan to continue it, then we should be hearing something about it within the next two years.

If you are desperate about the Classroom of the Elite, you can read a novel from volume 4 because season 1 of the anime covers volumes 1 to 3.

The Plotline of the Classroom of the Elite Season 2

Then Classroom of the Elite Season 2 is now unfolding. However, the second stage of the Elite Classroom is not known yet. But its season will be the twist and on the horizon. According to reports, season 2 will be showing something like Samuel is in love with Carla to explore more about the murder of Marina so that he could take out Nano from the prison.

Carla sees Samuel as dead, and she goes to the police officers, admitting that Polo is the culprit. However, it is not declared publicly, and we need to have a break till the announcement of the formal Classroom of the Elite Season 2.

The players’ arrival on the voyage boat is also described in great detail. In addition, there are 12 different pieces. The team members will be chosen based on your planet’s signs.

The ultimate goal of this season is not survival. They are judged on their ability to reason and think. The elites, on the other hand, can complete such a test. You’re attempting to influence the final result. Season 2 will have a fantastic plot full of surprises. We believe this is safe to say. Season 2 is likewise expected to end with Volume 6 of the manga show.

If Classroom of the Elite is brought back to life, we may expect to see the prominent voice actors and actresses reprise. And for the English voiceover, we aren’t sure if the cast will get changed for the upcoming season.

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