Solo Leveling series is based on the South Korean Web Novel. Chu Gong has written the story and it is published by D&C Media. The story is serialized in Kakao Page, the Kakao Content platform. The series contains different fantasy and action elements. The first season of the story was aired on March 4th, 2018.

The series has an immense fan following across the world after the release of season 1. A number of web novels end up getting converted into Manga or Anime series. All these series receive a fantastic response from the audience. Solo Leveling is famous and distinct among the rest of the stories due to its rich illustrations and good direction.

The series, on the back of a vibrant picture, appears to be quite rich. The first series concluded on March 19th, 2018. The series received brilliant ratings after the release. The webtoon has won a gigantic fan following.

The Release Date For Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 128

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 128 was set to release on Thursday, 19 November 2020. However, its release was delayed. The spoilers for the new chapter of the manga series are not yet available.

Solo Leveling Season 2: Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Cast

The cast of the series is mostly unknown. The voice-over artists who worked for the previous seasons are most likely to carry on working in the next season. The cast included Jo Byung-Gyu, Hwang Chi Yeul, Proceed Joon Hee, and Park Hee Jin.

These voice-over artists are like to reprise their roles in the upcoming season. However, there may be some changes to the cast according to the changing requirements of the plot.

Expected Plot of Solo Leveling Season 2

The plot of the series is mostly unknown because the production is tight-lipped about it. However, one thing is sure that the Solo Leveling Season 2 will pick up the story from where it was left in season 1. They will continue the story to keep up consistency in the plot.

The audience may see Sung Jin-Woo father in the next season. He was missing in the previous season. Sung is a national level hunter. The audience may be introduced to his hunting journey in season 2. We will get to see an exhaustive analysis of the characters offense may see Sung Jin-Woo father in the next season. He was missing in the previous season. Sung is a national level hunter. The audience may be introduced to his hunting journey in season 2.

We will get to see an exhaustive analysis of the characters of the story. The plot of season 2 will be packed up with more thrilling elements than that of the previous season. The issues of the USA and China will be highlighted in the upcoming seasons. The Solo Leveling Season 2 is likely to be a lot more intriguing. The narration will exert more grip on the audience.

The expected storyline of Solo Leveling Season 2

The storyline of season 2 is likely to be loaded up with fantasy. You will see a world that is overflowing with creatures and monsters. There will be a portal that connects the human world to that of the monster’s. The portal will be open in the human world. A beast enters the human world and attacks humans. Therefore, to safeguard humans, there will be hunters who will hunt these monsters.

The plot revolves around the hero Sung who is a hunter. However, he ranks among the weakest ranking hunters. His fellows consider him the lowest among all. One day his friend Jin-Woo and other hunters who are trapped inside a lethal dungeon, who are looking forward to becoming players, get an opportunity to get free. They are given a number of tasks to do and get their freedom. Only Sung survives. He completes all the tasks and passes all tests. In the end, he becomes the highest-ranking player.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Review

The series has managed to reach many viewers. It is expected that 4 million people have either read or watched the season. Fans loved it so much that they translated the series themselves into their respective languages.

An overview of Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 127

The previous chapter 123 was quite interesting. It starts with the hunter Sung. Sung raids and cleans everything up. The chapter 127 takes a spicy turn. King smashes Sung on the ground and leaves him there with blood in his mouth. Sung screams from bitter pain but manages to get up from the ground. Then he lands five powerful blows on King.

They exchange several blows, which makes King happy. King is really impressed by his fighting skills. He thinks that Sung has exceeded his expectations. Meanwhile Sung receives a scathing blow on his face however he manages to stand firm. Then he hits King with a powerful jab and pushes him back into a slide on the ground. King looks happy that a human has been able to bring an intriguing fight to him.

King previously thought that no human was worthy enough to clash with him. Sung’s face is smeared with blood. He looks at King and asks him to answer his questions about what is happening to the world. King responds that he will only be able to get his answers when he is dead.

Both charge at each other. King develops forth eight different weapons thinking that he has got a perfect plan. Sung realizes that he must hurry in making direct attacks. King said that they need to fight by using their powers in the last minutes.

In the last few minutes, King summons a bunch of monsters to help him in the fight. Sung manages to defeat him in a couple of seconds. He cut King’s hands and stabs him in the neck by his sword. King tells Sung that the final test is over. The new chapters of Solo Leveling Season 2 can be read in Kakao Page Magazine.

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