The second season of Fruits Basket concluded with an emotional reveal. However, the series is not likely to return until next year. It seems that you will have to wait to explore the ramifications of what happened in season 2. The Fruits Basket Season 3 is most likely to be the final season of the show. The version of the show that was premiered in 2019 revolves around the original manga.

The story of Fruits Basket Season 3 is likely to be a sequel to the story of Tohru Honda. However, the point is that if the story continues along the previous lines, will there be enough space for Fruits Basket Season 4?

The remake of Fruits Basket

Rumors had been circling around that a remake is bound to materialize. Lately, FUNimation has confirmed that the remake will cover the complete story of the original mange. The new animated series is likely to be labeled as zenpen, which means ‘the whole story.’

Fruits Basket Season 3: Release Date

The release data of Fruits Basket Season 3

The release data for Fruits Basket Season 3 is set for April 2021. There is no exact date as yet. What is interesting about Fruits Basket Season 3 is the official announcement for a change in title. Yes, the Fruits Basket Season 3 will be dubbed as Fruits Basket: The Final.

The number of episodes for Fruits Basket Season 3 is undecided as yet. In the past, there had been educated guesses about the length of the season. Eric Vale, who is an English dub voice actor, made guesses about the past seasons but they turned to be mostly inaccurate.

Despite the announcements, there may be some delays. The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to affect the releases across the world. It has already caused delays in Korea, China, and Japan, and if the countries move toward lockdowns, they may a change in the release dates. The insiders of the industry say that the animation series take twice the time to create and thrice the time to dub as compared to normal series.

Fruits Basket Season 3 English Dubs

The Fruits Basket Season 2 initiated international streaming on April 6, 2020. The second half of it had fourteen episodes and it began streaming on July 6, 2020. The English dub for Fruits Basket Season 2 streamed as planned despite the Covid-19 pandemic. However, after the release of the third episode, there were significant delays.

Fruits Basket Cast

Manaka Iwami is playing the major role of Tohru Honda. Nobunaga Shimazaki played the role of Yuki Sohma, a rat boy, while Yuma Uchida played the role of the cat boy Kyo Sohma. Shigure Sohma, the dog boy, was played by Yuichi Nakamura. Arisa Uotani is played by Atsumi Tanezaki and Saki Hanajima is played by Satomi Satou.

Rie Kugimiya played the role of Kagura Sohma, the pig girl and Megumi Han played the role of Momiji Sohma, the rabbit boy. Makoto Furukawa appeared in the series as Hashuharu Sohma, the cowman. Aki Toyosaki appeared as Isuzu Sohma. Ai Kakuma played the role of Machi Kuraki and Takuya Eguchi played the role of Kakeru Manabe.

Who will produce Fruits Basket: Season 3?

Studio Deen produced 2001 Fruits Basket anime. The studio has recently produced The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5, KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson, and Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Season 2, and Log Horizon Season 3 of 2020.

However, the Fruits Basket remake is in the hands of a new animation studio. TMS Entertainment is going to produce Fruits Basket Season 3. The studio is well-known for producing Dr. Stone Season 2, Megalo Box Season 2, and Baki Season 2.

The storyline for Fruits Basket Season 3

The story of the anime series follows the lines of the Fruits Basket manga that ended the serialization back in November 2006. It had a total of 136 chapters that were collected in about 23 volumes. Tokyopop released the English translation for the complete series.

However, it could only start in 2016 when the Yen Press released the manga again in 12 omnibus volumes. The creator of the Fruits Basket manga is Natsuki Takaya. He is now serving on the anime staff as an executive supervisor in order to ensure that the adaptation of the story is perfect.

Natsuki supervises the voice recording sessions and also gives detailed and in-depth thoughts to the staff on different topics. She also requested that the reboot of Fruits Basket should be produced with the help of a new team. She even asked TMS Entertainment to create a new art design for characters based on modern sensibilities.

She desired the staff to respect the source material and at the same time create the type of work that will connect to a lot of people.

Will there be a Fruits Basket Season 4?

Natsuki Takaya started in 2015 the release of a sequel to Fruits Basket that was named Fruits Basket Another. It was destined to be a web series. Eventually, it moved to the Manga Park Website and turned into an app later in 2017. The Yen Press released the books along with an English translation.

Takaya carried on with the existing storyline with another Fruits Basket Manga titled Fruits Basket: The Three Musketeers Arc. The story just had three chapters. It focused on Ayame, Hatori, and Shigure. The three were named as The Three Musketeers in the original series as well. Takaya did not stop at that. She created Fruits Basket: The Three Musketeers Arc 2.

Yen Press later announced that the new chapters will be published in English as well. These two series have a total of 13 chapters which are not long enough to make Fruits Basket Season 4. However, the content may be sufficient to create a Fruits Basket movie. The fans will love it in any format no matter it is a single movie or a complete series as long as the content is good and the plot is brilliantly knit.

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