Created by American writers JJ Philbin and Elizabeth Meriwether, ‘Single Parents’ is a hit TV series about single parents. The show is all about single parents trying to balance their parenting duties while still retaining their social lives. 

First premiered on September 26, 2018, the comedy series has generated positive reviews from viewers and critics on ABC. Its combination of stellar storytelling and offbeat humor was consistent throughout its entire two-season run.

The cast was also admirable in their respective roles. Each character has their distinct personality that makes the entire show even more immersive and realistic.

If you’ve been a fan of the show, you’re probably wondering whether there will be a Season 3 of ‘Single Parents.’ While there hasn’t been any official announcement, there has been numerous talks and rumors about the possibility of a new Season

With that said, here’s everything we know so far about ‘Single Parents.’ Continue reading to find out whether or not it will get a Season 5. 

‘Single Parents’ Season 3: Plot

The highlight of ‘Single Parents’ Season 2 was the development of Will and Angie’s love for each other. It had been brewing since the first installment of the series and had finally come to fruition in the second. 

In the Season finale, the pair got drunk and ended up sleeping together. However, when they woke up in the morning, neither can remember what happened last night.

Angie talks to Poppy about what happened and how she wasn’t able to remember anything. She recalls being in Will’s house when the power went out, prompting her to use scented candles.

This statement gave Poppy an idea. She thought about lighting different scented candles until one of them triggers Angie’s memory.

Poppy’s plan proved to be a great one as Angie was able to reminisce a glimpse of what happened last night. She can recall the time she willingly went inside Will’s bed.

Unfortunately, this revelation made things complicated for Angie. She was planning to get back with Graham’s father, Derek.

Will has been developing intimate feelings for Angie for quite a while now. When Poppy tells him about Angie’s mutual feelings for him, Will thought of something to express his love for her. 

He came up with a slide show that will do just that. However, it’s also the same time Derek thanks him for not showing his true feelings for Angie. 

Derek tells Will that his distancing has allowed him and Angie to rekindle their relationship. While all of this is happening, Angie prepares to leave for Barstow, California. 

During her journey, she came across similar scented candles that triggered her memory with Will. At this moment, she remembers another important moment: Will also admitted his love for her that night. 

Season 2 ends with Angie finally recollecting all of her memory from the night she spent with Will. Viewers were left with a cliffhanger, wondering whether Angie would return and express her love for Will.

If ‘Single Parents’ ever gets a third season, it might feature Angie returning from Barstow bearing the information she remembered. She might abandon the idea of getting back with Derek and go for Will instead. 

In other areas, fans might even know more about the four new renters living in Angie’s old home. We might also get a glimpse of Douglas and Poppy’s strained relationship.

As we can recall, Douglas and Poppy have officially broken up in Season 2. Season 3 might look into their lives a bit more, specifically what caused their relationship to end. 

As of right now, there hasn’t been any official announcement on whether there will be a Season 3 for ‘Single Parents.’ So take any rumors you might hear – including this one – with a grain of salt.

‘Single Parents’ Season 3: Cast

As the name suggests, the show revolves around the lives of single parents and their children. The show depicts the main characters trying to juggle parenthood and social life.

A third season would most likely feature the main cast reprising their roles. Here’s a short introduction to each of the main characters and the actors/actresses who play them.

Will Copper (Taran Killam) is the 30-plus-year-old father of Sophie Copper (Marlow Barkley). Angie D’Amato (Leighton Meester) is the single mom of Graham D’Amato (Tyler Wladis).

Douglas Fogerty (Brad Garrett) is the single dad of twin sisters Amy and Emma (Ella and Mia Allan). Poppy Banks (Kimrie Lewis) is the single mother of Rory Banks (Devin Campbell). Finally, Miggy Park (Jake Choi) is the single father of baby Jack. 


‘Single Parents’ Season 3: Release Date

‘Single Parent’s Season 2’ first aired on ABC on September 26, 2019. The Season featured 22 episodes, with the finale aired on May 13, 2020.

In both Seasons 1 and 2, ‘Single Parents’ managed to attract decent viewership. It even garnered seven million viewers for its pilot episode.

Unfortunately, the show has never been able to replicate the same viewership numbers since. However, it still consistently drew around 3 to 4 million viewers in each of its succeeding episodes. 

But despite the decent numbers, ABC officially announced that it has canceled ‘Single Parents’ in a statement on May 21, 2020. Their announcement also included the cancelation of other shows like ‘Bless this Mess,’ ‘Emergence,’ and ‘Schooled.’ 

Taran Killam expressed his frustration over the show’s cancellation on Instagram. In his post, he wrote, “Bummer to not be telling more stories with these characters but grateful, nonetheless, to be allowed to do it in the first place. We manage to hit 45 episodes.”

As the network officially made it clear to the public on the show’s demise, there’s a slim chance that it will return for a Third Season on ABC. However, there are still possibilities for it to come back to production. 

For the show to continue, ABC will have to revoke their earlier decision, or another network will pick the show up. Both of these options are doable; however, they will need a substantial public response. 

Unfortunately, that’s where the problem lies, as ‘Single Parents’ was unable to generate a massive following during its run. While there are a few petitions that warrant its renewal, they don’t seem to be enough to cause any noise. 

As of right now, ‘Single Parents’ is canceled and Season 3 is next to nothing. If by the slimmest of chances, ‘Single Parents’ do get renewed for a third season, we don’t expect it to release any time before 2022 or 2023.

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