The emergency room admits over 800,000 patients yearly because of slip and fall injuries. Doctors will most commonly diagnose patients with head injuries and hip fractures because of a serious fall.

What action do you take in cases where you suffered a minor slip and fall? Should you still hire a personal injury attorney? Let’s look at the cases where you need a personal injury lawyer to protect your rights and fight for a fair settlement.

Don’t Feel Embarrassed

Many people fall every year, and the issue worsens as you age. In some cases, you fell due to another party’s negligence and felt embarrassed. As a result, you convinced yourself that you didn’t need to pursue legal action against a store owner or a neighbor you visited.

Anyone who has suffered an injury—even a minor one—should consult with an attorney.

To receive compensation, you must prove liability and prove your injury. It is best to hire a law firm in your state, as they know best how negligence laws apply, how insurance works, and what compensatory damages you could pursue. For instance, personal injury attorneys in Indiana will collect the relevant evidence for your case and use the state’s legal doctrines and rules to help you recover. They know the relevant pieces of evidence that win or lose cases and know how to negotiate with insurance companies and other attorneys to obtain a just settlement.

Never Underestimate the Extent of the Injuries

The medical bill costs the most in a slip and fall case. You might handle a minor injury claim on your own, but anything with a higher degree of legal complexity requires an attorney.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the other side won’t give up reasonable settlement or compensation. Especially in cases with bigger businesses, if they see that you lack legal representation, they will dance circles around you.

In most minor slip and fall cases, the plaintiff believes the situation is less serious than it was. However, injuries may appear minor at first, especially head injuries, and can worsen, even becoming life-threatening.

Let’s say that you suffered a couple of scrapes and bruises. Experts always advise patients to visit the doctor immediately after the injury. Don’t wait because the longer you take, the shakier your claim becomes. The other party will often try to blame you or other elements for your injuries when you don’t visit the doctor to have them documented.

However, even if you think a minor slip and fall led to minor injuries, those injuries can become serious in time. Of course, everything depends on the circumstances of the case and the extent of your injuries, but you should never underestimate a bump to the head, a sprained ankle, puncture wound, lacerations, a bruised knee, or a cut to your hand.

When to Hire an Attorney

Anyone who believes they might require legal assistance should speak with an attorney. They can help you to determine if your case requires it. Unfortunately, many individuals try to handle their cases alone and complicate the claims process.

Look at how much you stand to lose if you mess up the case. An innocent word with the other party can sink your legal claim. Attorneys exist to protect your rights. Therefore, assuming that the other party will play unfairly is better since that often happens.

Situations Where You Can Handle the Case Yourself

Some situations, however, don’t require that you hire an attorney, such as:

  • The medical report shows you didn’t suffer any injuries
  • You will already receive the maximum compensation possible in your case
  • You feel equipped to negotiate with an insurance adjuster because you know exactly how the system works.

Document the Whole Case

Document everything, even in minor slip and fall cases, because you never know if the situation will become more serious later. Lawyers ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible. In addition, the other party will often take your claim more seriously when you hire an attorney because they know lawyers understand the laws better than the average person and can get the most out of a case, even if it is minor.


Suppose you have suffered an injury in a minor slip and fall. You may see some benefits when you hire a personal injury attorney to assist with your case. Lawyers learn good negotiation skills, and you want to have one on your side. The best way to determine if it benefits you is by checking with a law firm. You may want to look up ways to prevent falls in the future, but you should look for a law firm ready to assist you even if you only show a bruised knee.


Author Bio: Michael Hawkins

When it comes to educating the public on legal matters, few people are as determined as Michael Hawkins. From discovering issues of interest that concern all of us to offering actionable articles and guides to those in need, Michael is relentless in his journey of helping people make sense of the legal system. With dozens of pieces published in magazines, news outlets, and online journals, Michael is here to translate legalese into plain English so you can understand your rights and make the system work in your benefit.


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