Rushton Walter Skakel was an American businessman who died in 2003. He was the owner of a carbon Coke company named ‘Great Lakes Carbon’. Though his company is not very popular, it was once one of the largest companies in this sector in the country.

Rushton Walter Skakel is dead, but today let’s look back and find out details about his early life, work, education, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Born on 5th October 1923 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA, Rushton Walter Skakel was a tycoon. The names of his parents were George Skakel and Ann Skakel. Both of his parents were deceased in an airplane accident in 1955. Given the fact, Rushton Walter Skakel lost his parents and he was only 32 years old. Rushton Walter Skakel took his last breath on 2nd January 2003 at the age of 79 in Hobe Sound, Martin County, Florida, USA. Speaking of the love life of Rushton Walter Skakel, he had two marriages.

His first marriage was with Anne Elizabeth Reynolds. The couple got married in 1954 and remained together till the death of his wife of cancer in 1973 at the age of 42. After 10 years in 1983, Rushton Walter Skakel married for the second time. The name of his second wife was Anna Mar Decker Skakel, who died in 2019.

Parents and siblings

Rushton Walter Skakel was one of the 7th kids of George Skakel and Ann Skakel. His father was a businessman. It was his father only who founded the company ‘Great Lakes Carbon Corporation’, which was further inherited by Rushton Walter Skakel. The names of siblings of Rushton Walter Skakel are Ann Skakel, Patricia Sistine Skakel, Georgeann Skakel, James Skakel, Ethel Kennedy and George Skakel Jr..


With his two marriages, Rushton Walter Skakel had two kids and their names are Michael Skakel and Thomas Skakel. He probably had both kids from his first marriage. However, it is not really confirmed. His son, Michael Skakel, was convicted of the murder of his neighbour and is in now prison for 20 years.

Education and profession

Since Rushton Walter Skakel had his childhood centuries ago, there is not much information available on his education. With the fact that he was such a big businessman, we are pretty sure that he must have gained a good education. As for his profession, you already know that he owned the business ‘Great Lakes Carbon’.

Reason for the popularity of Rushton Walter Skakel

Well, Rushton Walter Skakel himself is the reason for his popularity. During his time, he was one of the biggest businessmen in the country. Besides this, another thing that landed him on headlines was the murder case of his son, Michael Skakel.

Net worth of Rushton Walter Skakel

With the fact that Rushton Walter Skakel was such a big tycoon, you yourself can assume his net worth. Okay, let us tell you in exact numbers. Rushton Walter Skakel had a whopping net worth of around 10 million when he died in 2003.


Rushton Walter Skakel was a big businessman. In the 1990s, when people  generally used to live ordinary life, Rushton Walter Skakel lived a luxurious and opulent lifestyle. He has yielded a huge amount of money in his lifetime.

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