If you’re not a regular user of valet services, it can feel a little strange using one for the first time. While the valet is there to make your life easier, there’s a lot to take in and plenty of moving parts in a vehicle drop-off area.

Regardless of whether you’ve never used a valet before or you’re an old pro, the next time you know you’re going to an event or venue that offers valet parking in Toronto, follow these tips and stay classy.

Be Prepared

This might sound weird, but if you know there’s going to be valet parking at an upcoming event, take a few minutes to clean out your garbage and wipe the dust off your dashboard.

It might never have crossed your mind to do so before, but you’ll absolutely wish you had that moment you lock eyes with the valet attendant as you slowly approach the station and it suddenly dawns on you that someone else, who will be sitting in your uncleanliness, is seeing for the first time what you’ve become desensitized to.

Also, if you know you’ll be using a valet service, make a stop at the ATM, take out some cash for tips and tip the valet who parks your car. The only thing worse than pulling up to a sophisticated venue or event in a filthy car is using the valet service and stiffing the valet.

Be Alert as You Enter the Drop-Off Area

The vehicle drop-off area can get pretty hectic when rushes happen, so approach them slowly, look for valets who are directing traffic and follow their directions. Valets know how to keep it moving safely and efficiently.

Secure Your Valuables

High-end hotels, restaurants, bars and parties hire high-end insured and bonded valets you can usually trust, but always secure your valuables out of sight. There is no upside for anyone if something goes missing.

Make Sure You Have Everything With You Before Handing Off Your Car

Know where your phone, wallet, tickets, etc., are before you walk away. Valets are always accommodating and will go back to your car to get what you need, but depending on where the car is parked, how busy it is, and how much of a time constraint you’re under, you might be putting a damper on how your evening starts.

Leave Your Car Running

The drop-off area is a hive of activity and the valet needs to be able to jump in and move your car as soon after you arrive as possible.

To Wait or Not to Wait (For the Valet to Open Your Door for You)

It can get awkward if you pull up to the drop-off area and wait if no valet is coming. A general rule of thumb is that you can reasonably expect the valet at a high-end event or venue to open your door for you, but if you’re using the valet service at your local mall, you’re probably good to get out on your own as soon as you pull up.

Be Extra Mindful When You Get Your Ticket

When the valet hands you your ticket, pay attention and put it in a safe place. If you are staying at a hotel and you lose your ticket, it’s usually not a big deal as the hotel, as the ticket number is likely connected to your room number.

In other situations, you will likely have to show ID, fill out lots of paperwork and spend a lot more time than you’d like to to get your car back.

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