Padraic Terrence Duffy is a well-known actor and scriptwriter for America. He had put forward several notable movies and dramas both as an actor and writer in front of the audience. Despite being so prominent in his field, Padraic is mainly known to the world as the son of Patrick Duffy. Patrick Duffy is the TV Land Pop Culture Award-winning actor who has a huge contribution to the American entertainment industry.

The article is inscribed to deliver a precise elaboration about Padraic Terrence Duffy and his works. Along with that, a segment will also be added to the article to elaborate on Padraic’s father.

Personal Life

Padraic Duffy was born on 30th December 1974. His parents were Carlyn Rosser and Patrick Duffy. He had shared his childhood moments with his sibling named Conor Duffy. After gaining much proficiency as a writer he tied the knot with Emily Kosloski on 16th May 2009. However, the couple also has two kids. Apart from this nothing else can be accumulated about Padraic’s academic life and other related matters.

Padraic’s Works

This actor and writer had not put much effort to showcase his tent kn ten entertainment world. However, Padraic came up with limited drama editions like Me, You, a Bag & Bamboo, Err, and Dallas.

Padraic’s Father And His Net Worth

Patrick Duffy is an actor and director from America. He was born on 17th March 1949 in Townsend, Montana, U.S. To acquire his primary education, he went to Cascade High School and later attended the University of Washington for a graduation degree in drama.

Patrick had commenced his career with the taco bell commercial. However, this commercial assisted him to bag his first role for the television series named Man from Atlantis. However, he was much known for this character named Bobby Ewing in the famous opera Dallas. However, the craze for this character was so high that the makers had to reprise this character in the continuation of this series. Moreover, the continuation of Dallas premiered on TNT. Patrick played a significant character in a sitcom drama named Step by Step which broadcasted from 1991 to 1998. Apart from being a successful actor, he had tried to convey his feelings to the audience through his book named Brittas Bay – a Novel.

Some notable works of him are The Stranger Who Looks Like Me, The Last of Mrs. Lincoln, Man from Atlantis: The Death Scouts, Man from Atlantis: Killer Spores, Man from Atlantis, Man from Atlantis: The Disappearances, and so on.

Patrick Duffy married Carlyn Rosser in 1974 and unfolds several pieces of life. However, after his wife died in 2017 he opened up about her relationship with Linda Purl.

Patrick Duffy has a net worth of 30 million dollars.

Padraic Terrence Duffy’s Net Worth

According to sources, Padraic Duffy has a net worth of approximately 1 – 5 million dollars.


The above-elaborated segments of the article furnish an idea both who Padraic Terrence Duffy is. However, adding up a few lines about his father will help the readers to comprehend Padraic more efficiently. Hopefully, the information about this famous person will be useful to the audience.

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