Born on the 20th of December in the year 1956, Maureen Dumont Kelly was an actress. It was also reported that she was previously a Las Vegas showgirl. In this article, we will look into Maureen Dumont Kelly’s career, personal life, & a lot more other information about her as well.

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s Notable Works

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s notable works include Hell squad where she acted as a part of the Hell squad which was released in the year 1985. Lady Blue is a television series released in the same year as the former where she played a character by name of Caral Accardi (Death Grip).

21 Jump Street was released in 1989 where she played the character of a caller. Thirtysomething was yet another television series where she played the role of an ad person and this series was released in 1991. Her last work Roseanne was released in 1992 and she was seen playing the role of a nurse in this series.

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s Husband, Rick Dufay

Born on the 2nd February in the year 1952, Maureen Dumont Kelly’s husband, Rick Dufay is a popular French-American musician. He has made significant contributions to the music industry as a member of Aerosmith. He plays the role of a great guitarist in this American rock band. He has played a vital role in upholding the integrity of the band and its members despite having to go through a tumultuous period.

Some of his famous songs include I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Dream On, Crazy, Cryin’, Sweet Emotion, Hole in my Soul, Back in the Saddle, and a lot more of his iconic songs.

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s Death And The Cause Behind Her Death

She died in the year 2008 and the cause of her death is colon cancer. Unfortunately, Maureen Dumont Kelly was 51 years old at the time of her death as she parted from the world leaving behind her daughter and husband.

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s Daughter, Minka Kelly

Born on the 24th of June in the year 1980, Maureen Dumont Kelly’s daughter, Minka Kelly is currently 42 years old at the moment. She is a beautiful actress and model in the American film industry.

Her film debut was with the work called The Turbo Charged Prelude for 2 Fast 2 Furious which was released in the year 2003. Sadly, she wasn’t credited for her debut work. Some of her notable films include The Roommate (2011), Papa: Hemingway in Cuba, Searching for Sonny, She’s in Portland, 500 Days of summer, and so on.

Her television debut was with the work called Cracking Up which was released in the year 2004. She was also seen playing a role by the name of Samantha in Euphoria which took the world by a buzz earlier this year. Some of her notable television series appearances include Legends of Tomorrow, The Beach House, Man Seeking Woman, Almost Human, Charlie’s Angels, and so on.

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s Father-in-law, Richard Ney

Maureen Dumont Kelly’s father-in-law, Richard Ney is a famous actor and author. In addition, he was also an investment counselor.  Richard was reported to have married a total of four times. He passed away due to heart alignment while he was gardening in his yard.

Some of his notable films include My Beautiful Daughter, The War against Mrs. Hadley, The Premature Burial, and The Lovable Cheat.


We saw about Maureen Dumont Kelly’s career, personal life, her husband, daughter, and her cause of death as well.

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