The hype of online video games is never going to calm down and this can be seen by the number of releases we get to see every year. 2022 is no different than any other and we are surely grateful for it. New games are coming out in the market and with that, the anticipation is on the rise.

With so many amazing options out there, it becomes quite difficult for the users to find the one that is perfect for them. Worry no longer because we are here to give you just the right list that consists of all the online video games every streamer should definitely keep an eye out for.

However, we must add that in order to play an online video game, you need a superfast internet connection, and what is better than a fiber internet connection. The buzz around this connection is truly undeniable because it deserves all the praise due to the lightning-fast speed it provides you.

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Now that you have this utility at your disposal, you are more than ready to play the games we have mentioned.

1. Core Keeper

Core Keeper is one of those games that keep you glued to your consoles and PC for hours. It is super fun to play since this sandbox game is all about survival, and who does not love that? Core Keeper integrates various elements which contribute to making this game one of the coolest ones that are coming out this year. Said elements are crafting, mining, farming, combat, and fights in a setting that takes place underground.

This is one of the most anticipating releases of Steam. The thing that really jumps out the most about this game is that it strikes a perfect balance between all things dangerous and the wholesome chores at home.

So, you can imagine how interesting it would be fighting off monsters while also attending to your garden.

2. Evil Dead: The Game

You can play this game on your PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, etc., and this means, there is no way you are going to miss out on it. We know that in the past few hours you must have come across a handful of Evil Dead games but trust us when we say that this one is absolutely something you should give a try.

Evil Dead: The Game offers you just the right combination of comedy, horror, and action. The game seeks to reverse the curse with an interesting approach to the horror genre while letting you control Ash and other characters as you are on a mission to fight with various Deadites.

Sounds intriguing, right? Why don’t you play and find out what happens next?

3. Hogwarts Legacy

We have to admit, this one is our personal favorite. Raise your hands if you have always dreamt of becoming a part of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. In this role-playing game called Hogwarts Legacy, you get to become a student at Hogwarts (yay, right?!). Although, for this moment, we don’t know much about this game and that is exactly what makes us even more excited yeah, you can trust the developer Avalanche Software in delivering you a top-notch experience.

However, right now, we know that it is going to be filled with fun, and a whole lot of adventure at Hogwarts as you get to craft your own experience as a student in this magical place.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Breath of Wild was released almost five years ago and ever since then, developers around the world have been going after those ideas and bringing us games with their own twists, however, Nintendo is now on a mission to show everyone that the unnamed sequel to Breath of the Wild 2 can only be achieved by them and no one can bring justice to it other than them.

For now, they have not revealed much about what we should expect from it or what it is going to be like but we certainly know one thing; The Legend of Zelda: Breath is for sure going to be one of the most incredible online video games and we are here for it.

5. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the talk of the town and we are not complaining about it, after all, it offers you everything you expect from a game of competitive nature. The narration of this game is going to keep you engaged in it. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the games from this developing company have come a long way and this must have added a lot to people’s expectations from it.

You get to see a terrific setting in Elden Ring as you jump into the large open world, all there for you to explore on your own. It terrifies you and excites you, and that too in the most amazing way. You don’t know what could be lurking in that large field, and anything could jump out of nowhere and kill you. But you know what? That is what going keeps you so invested in it that you cannot stop playing.

Final Words

You can now prepare yourself to get your hands on your PCs, consoles, Xbox or PlayStations because with the aforementioned games releasing really soon, you will be spending a lot of your time up in your room. So, get your hopes high because in the next few months you will be streaming some of the best video games that have ever been launched.

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