There was a time when handled consoles ruled the gaming industry. During the era of Nintendo, Sony decided to make an impactful difference in the market by launching the PlayStation Portable in 2004,. It was refreshing, new, and brought incredible games of importance that are celebrated today and will continue to be an inseparable part of the gaming culture.

That being said, within ten years, Sony’s PSP grew exponentially, introducing the exclusive greatest of all time games that gamers couldn’t play elsewhere. The majority of these games directly contributed to the massive popularity of PSP.

Although, now that you look back, the game list may feel endless, we bring you the top 10 most popular PlayStation Portable (PSP) games of all time to make things easy. Let’s get started!

  1. God of War: Chain of Olympus

God of War: Chain of Olympus

The God of War series is acclaimed to be the most admired action-adventure game, whose secondversion: God of War- Chain of Olympus, was specifically designed for PSP. Right after its launch in 2008, it became an award-winning game that gamers could never get enough of.

The success of Chain of Olympus led to the game’s next version, God of War: Ghost of Spartan, surpassing its predecessors’ fun-filled adventure.

  1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Series

The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Series (GTA- VCS) wasn’t the first popularized version of GTA, but it’s the most polished and well-crafted game that made GTA what it is today.

This PSP game manages to push the brand of GTA in every right way with gameplay and graphics that almost seem impossible for a traditional portable PSP, making it a creative and technical achievement for Sony.

  1. Monster Hunter Freedom

Monster Hunter Freedom

Monster Hunter Freedom isn’t your regular PSP game. It does demand a lot of skills from the gamer including, the ability to take attacks courageously, patience, and willingness to be back for more. The game emerges as one of the most rewarding journeys you can ever witness on PSP. Freedom, who gets its lead from Monster Hunter G is a warrior-driven game that still ignites a new spark in the hearts of every PSP fan.

  1. Gran Turismo

Many racing games were part of PSP’s network, such as Dirt, Midnight Club, and Need for Speed. Of the several options, one representing the tribe of racing games was Gran Turismo. Intestinally, most of the content of the game was minimized just to fit in seamlessly. The game has over 800 cars namely Ferrari, Bugatti, and Alfredo.

Over 4.6 million copies of Gran Turismo were sold worldwide, cementing it to be a PSP racing game like no other. The great news is that the series is going strong, and you will soon be able to see Gran Turismo 7 hit the market that is exclusively crafted for PlayStation 5.

  1. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core

Final Fantasy is one of the most successful franchise games in the PSP world. Continuing the trend of success, Crisis Core is based on the story of Zack, who battles Genesis and has over 3.1 million copies sold. The game is so popular that the makers have decided to create a remake of Final Fantasy VII, something that every gamer would love to play on their consoles. But, if that doesn’t happen, die-hard fans can still experience their solace in the classic Crisis Core version, one of the most amazing games ever made for PSP.

  1. Daxter

A spin-off of the Jax & Daxter, Daxter embarks as an adventurous character based on the game’s name on a journey to save his buddy Jax from Baron Praxis. The gameplay fidelity and visual display of Daxter is something that wins the hearts of a true Daxter & Jax fan, and the title still manages to hold a premium and big action-adventure with consistent performance, making it a must-play for any PSP admirer.

  1. Tekken: Dark Resurrection


Launched in 1994, Tekken was a highly influential battle game that established its iconic graphics, 3D characters, and music. Thanks to its enriching history, Tekken: Dark Resurrection designed for PSP took over the gaming world, cemented it to be one of the finest battle games you’ll ever find.

  1. Patapon 3

Any PSP-exclusive list would be incomplete without Patapon 3. The game has a genre of its own, borrowing notes from a few classic Nintendo games. It’s the developer’s pyramid that perfects the formula of the game. The challenges that are part of Patapon 3 lead you to an army of Patapons so that you can stand victorious against the cruel Seven Evil Archfiends. As the game proceeds, the quest tends to layer improvements into the game, making it a fun and worthwhile experience.

  1. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts

Based on heroes Aqua, Ventus, and Terra, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is a combat and thriller PSP game that comes with surprisingly deep, fluid, and fast enemy encounters. It was developed by Square Enix and launched in the year 2010.

  1. Ys Seven

The last one that sums up our list of 10 most popular PlayStation Portable (PSP) games of all time is Ys Seven. The game represents evolution, where young 2D sprites evolve into a fully 3D environment with brand new members to explore a fresh method for ensuring justice and modern systems to fine-tune Altago. All in all, Ys Seven is a complete package of an immersive storyline, great combat, and a rich world that always feels fresh and lively.

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