There are many opinions regarding the air conditioning systems and their services. And with no proper information and awareness, homeowners fall for the myth traps. At times, the myths related to the HVAC system also overtake the truth, making it more difficult to distinguish between the right and the wrong.

Therefore, to help the people understand the HVAC system better, the professionals of air conditioning services Peoria, AZ, clear off some of the common air conditioning myths. So, let’s start clearing the myths.

Air Conditioning Myths and Facts

Myth 1 – Not changing or cleaning the filter does not have a huge impact on the system.

Fact Check – This is the most common myth and surprisingly many people also believe it to be true. Either they ignore the fact or just forget about changing/cleaning the filter. Believing this myth will put the followers in big trouble as you will not just damage the system but also risk the inmates’ health.

The maximum time given to change the filter is 2 months and if your house gives space to pets, then changing or cleaning the filter every month becomes mandatory. It is because the dander and fur of the pet animals get circulated in the house, ultimately halting and getting stuck in the air filters.

When these things along with dust and dirt particles are left for too long without cleaning, it will deteriorate the quality of the indoor air. The result will be suffered by the inmates with asthma attacks and allergies.

Myth 2 – The bigger the air conditioner is, the better it is.

Fact Check – The bigger the better rule is not applied to the air conditioner system. The truth is the bigger the system, the less efficient it will be. It will also occupy too much space and will be less efficient. It will have many problems and will struggle to remove humidity.

This does not mean that you should not buy bigger units, with the professionals of AC installation Peoria, AZ, help, you should invest accordingly. The professionals will help you buy the right-sized unit depending on your space and budget.

Myth 3 – Maintenance is not required unless it is repaired or broken.

Fact Check – This has been followed for generations and still today, many still follow it. The homeowners believe that maintenance is just a waste of money, as they do not want to call the service person when their system is working fine.

The question here asked the homeowners is, how do you guarantee your air conditioner is in perfect condition?  They sure will not have the proper answer.

The system cannot be simply judged based on its operation. Many things can go wrong with the interior parts. There could be a damaged wire or any parts must have been too much exposed to wear and tear. Besides, if the system is regularly maintained, minor problems like these can be detected and repaired before time, saving the owners from expensive repairs and replacements.

Myth 4 – Air leaks can be found easily

Fact Check – if you are ready to take the pain and inspect the house thoroughly, then you can very well proceed with it. However, you will still miss the spots as only the trained and knowledgeable professionals will be able to detect the leaks and fix them correctly.

If the leaks are not properly sealed, then it will cause energy waste, making the system less efficient. Therefore, at times, it is better to leave the job to the AC services Peoria, AZ, for better work.

Myth 5 – Turning up the thermostat is the best way to cool and heat the room

Fact Check – Since the temperature is controlled by the thermostat, your home will not get the desired temperature if the air conditioner is not up to the mark. The only way the AC will do its job efficiently is by scheduling regular maintenance.

Now that many of the myths have been cleared by the experts, if you are looking for a reliable and best AC professional, then Morehart AC is the best-recommended option. They are the finest professionals, ready to serve all seven days a week. Call 623-323-9865 for more information.

Advice by air conditioning replacement contractor Powder Springs, GA!

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