To get along the heat of Powder Springs, GA, it sure is a difficult process. And this is the reason, many homeowners are seen investing in a good air conditioning system. However, the air conditioners do not come in the low-cost appliances, as finance plays a big hurdle part during the buying process.

Is Buying a Used AC a Good Replacement?

This is the reason many homeowners look out for an alternate option, whether they can invest in any used air conditioning system. But finding a good and reliable system is not an easy task for there are high chances that you will be fooled easily.

It is easily understood that when you can buy used books, furniture, and cars, then why not buy a used air conditioner.  Well, there are plenty of reasons that indicate that buying used AC is not a good option. And this has been well explained by the experienced professionals of air conditioning replacement contractor Powder Springs, GA. Check out below.

Limited Service Life

The life span of the air conditioner is around 15-18 years. And the problems with the system start once it passes 10 years. Besides, you will also not know how well the system was used or serviced or maintained.

We also cannot trust the seller blindly claiming the system’s best maintenance schedule. Even if you invest in a system that has already passed its seven years of operation, then know the severity of how much the parts must be exposed during its operation.


The AC warranty can be transferred to a different owner, but that applies to the new homeowner who has moved into the place.

The warranty is not applicable if the system is moved or transferred to a different place. And considering the used AC for its wear and tear, it sure is a high risk to invest and to believe the warranty guarantee.

Poor Air Quality

If you thought that investing in an older unit, you have saved a huge amount of money, then clearly you are on the wrong road. You have not saved money but only wasted your money on the wrong equipment.

The performance of the system will be very bad and no amount of repairs and replacements will give you the satisfaction and comfort of the new system. In the end, instead of spending on repairs and parts replacements, you could very well invest in a new model. This way, you will be promised great performance, warranty, and comfort.

The older system would have already picked a huge amount of dust and dirt, along with other varied contaminants from the previous house. It will not only deteriorate the quality of the indoor air but also risk the health of the inmates. Therefore, contact the professionals of AC repair Powder Springs, GA, and guided accordingly and rightly.

Wrong Size

You simply cannot buy just any air conditioning system and expect it to fit perfectly in your house. To ensure proper cooling, the AC must be perfectly sized to the place where it is being installed.

In other words, if the AC is too small for a large room, then it will have to work double its operation straining the parts. And in case of a large air conditioning system, installed in a small room, then it will not complete its cycle, which again will lead to parts damage and repairs. Also, you will not have many options if you are buying a used system. Check the cost of A/C repair Powder Springs, GA before purchasing or installing a unit.

Direct Cash Dealings

You will have to find the used equipment and deal directly with the seller. In this case, how can you be sure about the guarantee and promises they offer? Will it be a good investment? These kind of deals are very risky and is not worth investing.

If you do not want to compromise your comfort and want to invest in the right place, then come in contact with the best and most reputable HVAC company, Dickerson Heating & Air. They are your one-stop solutions for all kinds of AC services and repairs. Call 678-210-8200 for more information.

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