The moment you face a water heater problem, all hell breaks loose. You start panicking high and have no clue what must be done to get those hot water back. Whether it is a noisy tank, leaky situation, improper temperature, or nonfunctional hot water faucet, you rush to contact the experts.

This is applied to the tankless water heater as well, as the moment you face an issue, no professional can guide you better than the tankless water heater installations Piedmont, SC.

However, not all problems require help from the experts as few problems can be tackled by the homeowners as well. So, if you feel you can fix those pipes and leaky situations right, prepare yourself and get started as this article will take you on a trip to fix those things easily. The following are few situations where you can put on your repair hat to start fixing. Let’s get started.

No Hot Water

This is the common indication that points straight to problems with the water heater. This problem can be because of many reasons out of which one common reason is energy or gas supply must have been cut off. The first thing you must do in this situation is to figure out where your water heater runs. Whether it is electricity or gas?

To identify the gas heater, look out for the flue at the top of the water heater. The flue resembles a large pipe where it carries the gas that comes from the heater and extends to the house opening. You will also find a burner at the heater’s bottom.

Repairing the gas water heater, you will have to switch off the gas supply first, then take the metal cover off and check for the pilot or burner light. If the pilot light is unresponsive and off, then look out for the instructions that are present in the tank and follow it accordingly. If it does not work, then the best option is to get help from the experienced water heater services Grenville, SC.

If the burner light is off, then cover back the burner and set the temperature to 120 F. Turn on the faucet of hot water and see whether the burner ignites. If it still does not light up, then leave the faucet open for a few minutes and check for the temperature till it reaches the desired setting. If after doing everything, it still does not respond, then your water heater may need help from the experts.

In the case of electric heaters, it becomes a simple process. All you have to do is to check the electricity supply like the circuit breaker, safety switches, and fuse box. Reset the switches and look for any electrical failures.

Not Enough Hot Water

You will know something is wrong when your hot water runs out mid-way during the shower, especially when you have the tankless water heater or if you have never faced this issue before.

To identify this problem, first, see whether the temperature outside has dropped drastically down. Try adjusting the water heater dial, and wait for the magic to happen. If there is no magic and your water heater still does not give you any freshly heated water, then your heater is facing a bigger problem.

Inspect the water heater base for any damage or leakage. If everything seems fine, then try flushing the water from the tank with the hose or bowl and clear off any deposits that have build-up within months. Lift the temperature-pressure relief valve and lower the handle to drain the water from the overflow pipe.

Too Hot Water

This has the obvious solution where you will just have to lower down the temperature dial a little for a few hours. See for any changes and if it still has the same situation then it can be a faulty temperature-pressure relief valve. Try turning the water heater and water supply down to cool off the water. If you are confident about replacing the valve, try replacing it. If not, get help from the professionals.

Other problems include noisy or smelly water. It is mostly because of the minerals that have been accumulated for months and years. flush the water regularly and keep a note to replace the anode rod regularly to prevent corrosive minerals from building up.

If you are not confident about solving the issue yourself, just contact Ace Plumbing, the best water heater service provider in place. They can be reached anytime at (864) 210-4002.

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