Every year, the average car owner spends right around $1,000 maintaining and repairing their vehicle. There is no getting around shelling out at least a little bit of money to keep your vehicle up and running.

You’ll get to choose who you give your hard-earned money to, though. When it comes to car repairs, you can call on both mobile car mechanics and repair shops to lend a hand to you.

So, which one should you choose? Well, that’s going to be for you to decide. But before you do, you should learn the pros and cons of working with mobile mechanics and repair shops so that you’re able to make the best possible decision.

Today, we’re going to lay out the benefits of mobile mechanics and repair shops and look at the downsides of both of them, too. It should help you to pick a side in the repair shops vs. mobile mechanics debate once and for all.

Continue reading to find out which side of the fence you should fall on when it comes to mobile auto mechanics and auto repair shops.

The Benefits of Mobile Car Mechanics

One of the worst parts about getting your car fixed up at a repair shop is that you have to drive your car down to it and leave it there, sometimes for an extended period of time. This isn’t something that you’ll have to do when you have mobile car mechanics work on your vehicle.

Once you decide which of the local mobile mechanics you want to work with, they’ll come to your home and work on your car right outside of it. It’ll prevent you from having to bring your car anywhere, and it’ll also eliminate the need to spend days and maybe even weeks on end without your car in your possession.

And this isn’t the only good part about working with a mobile car mechanic. You’ll also love the prices that they can offer. Since they don’t have much in terms of overhead, they can typically keep their costs on the more affordable side. It’s what makes them such an appealing option for so many people.

The Drawbacks of Mobile Car Mechanics

Working with mobile car mechanics over repair shops will prove to be a great experience for many people. But there are some drawbacks that you’ll want to keep in mind before committing to working with a mobile mechanic.

Some mobile mechanics don’t have the same kind of experience that mechanics at repair shops do. Some also don’t use the high-quality parts that you’ll find at repair shops.

If you’re going to use a mobile car mechanic over a repair shop mechanic, you’ll want to factor these things into the equation. You’ll also want to make sure that you search for a mobile mechanic that you know you can trust.

The Benefits of Repair Shops

Although mobile car mechanics are obviously an excellent option, there is also something to be said for taking your car to a repair shop when there is something going on with it. There are some advantages of taking this approach to getting your car all fixed up.

For starters, most repair shops have been around for a long time now. Or at the very least, they have mechanics working in them that have been in the auto repair business for many years.

As a result, you’ll feel confident in the work that a repair shop does on your car. You’ll rest a little easier knowing that they used the right parts and procedures to make the necessary repairs to your car.

You’ll also appreciate that you’ll always know where to find a mechanic from a repair shop. If you ever have an issue with a repair that they made, you can simply drive down to the repair shop to bring it up to them.

The same can’t be said for mobile car mechanics. They spend a lot of their time out on the road, which can make it a little challenging for you to track them down when you need them in a hurry.

The Drawbacks of Repair Shops

We already touched on a few of the downsides of working with repair shops earlier. Repair shops are going to have to keep your car for a while when they’re working on it, and they’re also sometimes going to have to keep your car for a long time before you get it back.

But those are just a couple of the drawbacks of repair shops. There are a few other downsides to working with them as well.

For example, working with a repair shop is almost always going to cost more than working with a mobile car mechanic. Reason being, repair shops have to pay for things like rent and it makes their operations more expensive. And to make up for it, they have to charge more for their services.

Working with a repair shop is also going to limit your ability to see what’s being done with your car. Unless you hound a mechanic at a repair shop and stay on their case, you aren’t going to be able to keep tabs on what’s happening with your vehicle.

You’ll have a much easier time staying on top of things when you hire a mobile car mechanic. They’ll report problems to you fast so that you can work to do something about them.

Should You Go With Mobile Car Mechanics or Repair Shops for Your Vehicle?

Rather than stressing out over the mobile car mechanics vs. repair shops debate, you should embrace it! It means that you have lots of options for repairing your car when there is something wrong with it.

Use everything that you’ve learned today to decide whether you want to go with a mobile car mechanic or a mechanic from a repair shop. You should be able to make the right decision as long as you consider what both sides bring to the table.

Would you like to get your hands on more tips that will help you take better care of your car? Find them by reading the other articles posted on our blog.


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