Different people have different goals and whether it is buying a house or traveling the world, a lot of them involve money. To afford these goals, some people invest while others save up. One of the ways people save is to use forex or foreign exchange.

The way this works is that people convert money into a currency that is stronger than theirs in the hope that it increases and they can convert it back at a profit. Like any other trading option, some risks are involved.

What are some of the common conversion mistakes people are making?

Getting Into Forex Without Research

Anyone who has two cents on how to spend money will tell you that investment without research is a recipe for disaster.

Whether it is flipping old things for resale or buying shares in the stock market, you should do your due diligence before you take a step into the foreign exchange as a form of investment.

Study the conversion rates and consult updated sites such as the USD to PKR one.

Country Risk

Some countries have diplomatic issues that affect the trading aspect and currencies. In the past, countries with stronger currencies have been known to impose trading restrictions on prices of certain exchange rates, which affects the trading for many forex accounts.

Apart from that, country risks exist when nations decide to replace currencies, suspend the transfer of specific currencies or even restrict trade across certain borders. This can lead to risks for traders.

Avoid Trading on Emotion

Investments and emotions are like water and oil, they do not mix. There are times when emotions run high, like those periods at the bar when friends or acquaintances tell you of a lucrative-sounding deal that they want you to invest in.

In such scenarios, people barely have the time to do their due diligence, and taking a step into such deals could end up leading to losses.

Risk Of Ruin

Sometimes, even when a trader foresees a positive market in the long run, the short term can bear losses that may be unaccounted for.

This means that a currency’s position could turn around and make profits if it had been held longer but traders who sell too soon lose out on the profits.

Investing More Than You Can Afford to Lose

Conversion trading might be a great investment choice for many people, but one mistake people keep making is investing a lot more than you can afford to lose.

Forex is supposed to increase your wealth pool and not deplete every last dime you have. If you are just beginning, or no matter how great the deal seems, do not throw all your money into it.

It is better to gain a good margin and retain your money instead of losing it all if things go south.

Don’t Fall for Cheesy Marketing

Whether it is the network marketing event, the ad on your favorite streaming site, or that forex site, there is always someone promising to multiply your money tenfold. Don’t fall for it.

In truth, there are ways to increase your investments with conversion, the superficial marketing is almost always a scam. Keep off of them.


The entire point of conversion investment is to convert money and wait for the currency to rise. However, with online shopping in the mix, many people end up spending their investments.

The money is usually in a higher currency, like dollars or pounds which are great for international shopping. People who are reckless spenders are poor conversion investors.

Money, like many aspects of humanity, is prone to mistakes. However, some can be avoided if you are insightful on what you want and make plans to get there.

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