Watching TV series has become a much common source of entertainment for many. If you are bored off with all those usual TV shows that you have been watching, then time to switch over your choice to some comedy-mixed drama, like Master of None. It is a popular TV show in the United States of America. It airs on the popular network, Netflix. It began five years ago in November.

The making of this TV series is done by Aziz Ansari, who also acts in this TV show as the main lead character, Dev Shah. Another person who joins him in the creation of the show is Alan Yang. The initial season of Master of None was streamed with ten episodes in New York City. The second season of the TV show also followed with a similar number of episodes in 2017 in May. The shooting happened in NYC as well as in Italy.

Watching Master of None is the best entertainment show mixed with comedy and drama. The show is a winner of three prestigious American awards and the other award presented by HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association). So now, you’ve got the reason to watch Master of None on Netflix.

Show Details 

TV Series: Master of None
Genre: Comedy-Drama
Created by:  Aziz Ansari & Alan Yang
Starring:  Aziz Ansari, Noel Wells,Kelvin Yu & others
Place Of Origin: United States
Cinematography: Mark Schwartzbard
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 20


Master of None Season 3 Release Date

An Interesting Fact About The Show Title

There is a very interesting fact about the title of the show, Master of None. If you are familiar with what is called Jack of all trades, the title of the show seems to be the antonym of it. The idea was suggested by none other than Aziz, the creator and main lead actor of the show. It is said that the title of the show was not finalized by him and Alan until all the episodes got wrapped up.

Characters Played By Actors In Master Of None Series

An interesting storyline of any show becomes more appealing when it is executed well by the actors playing their characters on the show. The reason behind the success of Master of None is one such example. Acknowledged for prestigious American awards and nominations, for comedy-drama series comprise talented actors like:

Aziz Ansari

Besides being the person behind the concept of the show, along with Alan Yang, Aziz is also playing the main lead actor of the show. He is playing the character of Dev Shah. Aziz is known to be the first American Asian actor who is a holder of prestigious awards for writing and acting.

He had been a student of the prestigious University of New York, around twenty years back.

It is there where he made his debut as a comic performer. Human Giant is one such MTV comedy show, where he shared screen space with other actors. Aziz was one of the people behind the creation of the show. Later on, he started getting more acting offers in many movies. Currently, he is known for his role as Dev Shah in Master of None.

Alessandra Mastronardi

Alessandra plays the role of Aziz’s character Dev’s friend, and his love interest. Her character in the show is Francesca. Their meeting in Italy is seen in the second season of Master of None. Francesca later visits Dev in New York. Alessandra is a well-known face in Italian cinema. She is known for her stupendous performance in the movie, Rome with Love. She has been nominated for the best-supporting actress for the Master of None comedy series.

Noel Wells

Noel Wells is one of the main leading star cast in the Master of None comedy series. She plays the character of Rachael, who is a music publicist, and love interest of Dev in the first season. Noel is a multi-talented artist, who is well-versed in doing the voiceover. She has done a voice-over for an animated cartoon series. The American actress is also into writing, music, direction, and is also a comedian.

Lena Waithe

Besides being an American actress, Lena is also into production and screenwriting for the show.  She plays the role of Dev’s friend, who is attracted towards a woman, which indicates her being a lesbian. She is the one who has penned down the last and eighth episode of Master of None. Lena is the recipient of a prestigious award for her writing for this show.

So these are some of the main actors who are playing their part in the comedy series, Master of None. Apart from them, you will find more other characters played by other actors. So better watch the Master of None series, and get to know who is playing which character.

Release Of Master Of None Season 3

Master of None is much applauded by its viewers who have watched this tremendous comedy-drama series on Netflix, long ago. Both the seasons (1st & 2nd) have garnered much interest according to its storyline and perfect portrayal of each character played by actors in Master of None. Now, all expectation is rested upon the third follow up season of the latter comedy-drama series.

If you are expecting the release of the third season by the end of 2020, or the upcoming year, 2021, then let me inform you that so far there has been no official announcements regarding the show’s new premier of season 3. There are some other reasons which have been responsible in the way of the 3rd season of Master of None.

Casting Of Master Of None Season 3

Well, till now there has been no such confirmation or updates of any new actor to be included in the comedy series, Master of None. The actors whom you have been seeing from the beginning seasons, will continue essaying their onscreen characters.

Story Plot Of Master Of None 3rd Season

Since the project has been deferred due to some reasons, it won’t be so easy to reveal to you the events that would be taking place around the central character, Dev (Aziz Ansari), and other actors. There is not much surety about whether the Master of Season 3 will come in the next year or not. Till, then keep your fingers crossed, and wait for the breaking update of release.

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