We all have loved watching Game of Thrones and the characters including Arya Stark, Khal Drogo, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and others. It proved to be the most loved TV show all across the world including India. If you think there can’t be another TV series that could match up G.O.T likings among the viewers, then you must rethink again. Yes, there is another very popular South Korean epic TV show, Arthdal Chronicles. The show has all shades of action, romance, imagination, and mystery. The first season of this TV show came last year on 1st June and concluded in the same year in September. Let us know more about it. 


Show Details 

TV Series: Arthdal Chronicles
Genre: Fantasy & Historical
Created by:  Studio Dragon
Starring:  Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ji-won & others
Place Of Origin: South Korea
Directed by: Kim Won-seok
Original language: Korean
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 18

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

Story Plot

Arthdal Chronicles belongs to the genre of period drama, focusing upon the civilization of Korea, centuries ago. It depicts all the scenes between the characters, struggling for power, and extreme love. In other words, this TV show has all that you wish to see in a periodic drama. Focusing more on the story plot, King Dangun is the one under whom the foundation of the first province, Asadal, was laid. 

The epoch shown here is a combination of mythology and the ancient period. If you go by myths, then you will know about the fact that Dangun was given birth by a bearish-mother. His father was a divine prince. The story plot of Arthdal also seeks to showcase its story in a similar pattern, led by two main characters, with different approaches. They both make an influence on historical happenings.

The Story of Eun Seom

There is a character in Arthdal Chronicles, called Eun Seom. He took birth in a village that represents nomadic tribal culture. There was no doubt about his power abilities. He would go to any length in safeguarding the life of his people from foreign attack. It was forecasted that he (Eun) would soon become the monarch of Arthdal Kingdom, that would be big enough under his control. 

Then begins the love story which brews between Eun and a beautiful girl, Tan-ya. The birth of her was from the energy that came from a blue comet. She becomes the foremost ruler of her land. She belongs to the generation of Wahan Tribe, who acknowledge the fact about her destiny in becoming a guardian for the inhabitants.

Now let us get familiar with other major characters in the Arthdal Chronicles series. Other than Eun, Ta-gon is also not far behind and is an excellent warrior and strategic planner. His character is hard to predict and is one of the threatening characters in Arthdal Chronicles. The next female character is Tae Al-Ha. 

She is the remaining member of her community race, who holds the supreme authority over the kingdom. Besides having an enchanting beauty, she is mysterious and is also determined to get the power. All four can be seen battling for power, when facing each other, forming political associations, and experiencing love. 

Now, the most obvious and usual question that comes to everyone’s mind is who will lead the kingdom in the end. The show emphasizes the emergence of generation in the imaginary land of Arthdal. The maximum number of events is seen in the Arthdal. It also put the focus on the brotherhood and love among the inhabitants. 

Resemblance To Game Of Thrones

Whatever is being shown in the Arthdal Chronicles, is what you have noticed in one of the popular TV shows, Game of Thrones. It all showed greed, love, and hunger for power. It will certainly remind you of this famous TV period show. Well, it won’t be correct to say that it is similar to it, but if it is being compared to G.O.T, then it is worth watching Arthdal Chronicles. Just like Game of Thrones, you will see unexpected twists and turns in the characters, and the events around them. 

So if you are a true fantasy lover, then Arthdal Chronicles is the best choice to get a dose of entertainment. People behind the creation of the show, have indeed made a remarkable effort in the creation of primeval languages. Dothraki was one such example of an ancient language that was used in the grand epic TV show, Game of Thrones. It made us feel about Medieval Europe and Greece culture.

If you watch Arthdal Chronicles, it will make you analyze how society, religion, and modern life originated from ground level. Besides this, it also lets you know about the evolution of the human race and their role in nation formation. How the lifestyle that was prevalent in ancient times got transformed into a new civilized format. The show emphasizes the four major characters who battle out for power and survival, besides experiencing love. This periodic drama would certainly make you engaged. 

Release Date Of Arthdal Chronicles Season 3

After getting tremendous success in viewership, now no one can wait to expect the streaming of Arthdal Chronicles season. As mentioned above, the first season of Arthdal Chronicles came last year on 1st June. It had a weekly release with six episodes. Those who are having their eyes set on season 2 of this periodic drama have reason to cheer up because there are expectations from TVN to come up with the new season in the coming time. And it is all because of the popularity of the first season of this South Korean drama. 

When It is Going To Release?

Well, all that was expected is not happening so soon. I mean, don’t expect any early release of the Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 this year or next. The reason that has caused the delay in its release is the global pandemic Coronavirus. Till now, there have been no official announcements from its makers. So sadly, it is difficult to predict the new season 2. It is not the case with only Arthdal Chronicles, but most of the new seasons of other TV shows have been detained because of this global pandemic.

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