If you love reincarnation stories, then Knight’s & Magic will prove the best-viewed animation series for you. The anime TV show is inspired by the light novel series from Japan. In short, the story has an interesting background about a character who dies in an accident. But he makes a comeback in the form of a kid in the world of magic, where he experiences gigantic robotic creatures in actual life. He then plans to come up with his own created robot, which was his dream. The beginning of Knight’s & Magic first came in the form of a web novel. After that, it was referred for print publication. Later on, the adaptation from Manga comics took a form of an animated TV series that streamed three years back in September.


Show Details 

TV Series: Knights And Magic
Genre: Fantasy
Written by:  Michiko Yokote
Directed by: Yusuke Yamamoto
Place Of Origin: Japan
Produced by: Ryotaro Kawakami, Emi Kashimura & Ryota Ozaki
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 13

Knights and Magic Season 2 Release Date

Story Behind The Anime Flick

As briefly explained above, the story of Knight’s and Magic revolves around a person who is into the profession of engineering and is also a sturdy robot. He died in a fatal accident when he was driving his car. But that does not end his life forever. He once again enters into the new life in an imaginary kingdom, where he watches gigantic, mechanical robots are being referred for combating the demonic forces. 

The character’s name is Tsubasa, and he takes rebirth as a son of good parents. Tsubasa is known to have a standout power of magic and can recall what happened in his previous life. He joins an academy, where special training is being given by the trainers to become a perfect knight. In the academy, the budding knights are being trained with warfare techniques, and how to combat the enemy, who can attack from either side of the kingdom. Tsubasa then partners with two other characters aiming to become an unmatchable knight that was never expected before in centuries. 

Some Of The Major Characters In The Anime Series

There are many interesting characters in the Knights and Magic anime series. Let us have a brief understanding of some of them. As usual, let us start from the main lead:

Tsubasa Kurata or Eru

He is the main lead character of the show. Tsubasa is a boy, who is much influenced by the Knights and aims to come up with his way of becoming a Knight that would make him become the guardian of his kingdom. Tsubasa, also known as Eru (when becomes the Knight) appears to be of not having a tall height, but a small. Also, his features seem to be a combination of both genders, which creates confusion sometimes. As most of the time, he is being understood as a female. 

Repeating once again, Tsubasa, in his previous birth was a professional engineer, who meets with fatal death while driving. He once again gets a rebirth, and the interest of becoming a Knight is still bestowed on his mind. All kudos to the previous life he has lived as being an intelligent software guy, who is credited for his inventions related to fighting warfare weapons.


Another character who is equally prominent in the anime series is Blanche. He is regarded as the best Knight Runner in the training academy. His warfare attire is added with a shield that he used to defend himself. If you observe this character, then you will find that he is being portrayed as worthy, but with a conservative approach.


Addy is also one of the characters in the anime series, having a friendly relationship with the central character since childhood. She does not pay any adherence to rules or any law. Initially, she along with her brother thought of leaving their home, but they got influenced by the fascinating magical skills from Eru. Now, here you will see a romantic angle brewing between the latter and Addy. It is seen that initially, she becomes drawn towards Eru for his cute looks, but, slowly, she becomes serious about her feelings towards him. Such was the attachment that she could no longer bear to live without him. 

Other Characters

There are many more characters in the series including Eru’s mother who taught him the art of magic, Another influential female character, other than Addy is Helvi Oberi. She is a determined Knight Runner, who always believes in victory. Helvi is senior to Eru. There is another friend of Eru, who is also small in height like him. He is David Hepken, and he is also an engineer. You can search for more other characters including Eru’s father who is an experienced Knight Runner. 

Waiting For Season 2

After getting a good response from the viewers, now wait is for another follow-up season for the Knights and Magic anime series. It is indeed to feel that way, because whenever an anime series becomes your favorite show, then it breeds more curiosity to get more dose of entertainment. The same is with the Knights and Magic anime series. 

Anime shows have been grabbing more interest among viewers from all over the world. The more excited a person gets reading the light novels, the more ecstasy is for watching the same characters in animated form. Joining the brigade of successful anime shows are Knights and Magic. A beautifully crafted storyline and awesome representation of characters are enough to behold the attention of a viewer. So one can indeed feel the craze for the new upcoming season. 

When To Expect The Release Date Of Knights & Magic New Season?

So sorry to say that till now there has been no official announcement has been made yet by the makers of this anime show. It is even not sure whether the new season 2 is going to hit the screens by the next year (2021) or not. So fans of this Japanese anime show have to wait a lot, till the time there is any breaking news of its premiere release.

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