We all had a wonderful school life. It is a stepping phase of life where we plan our future to do big in life. But school life is not all about becoming bookish worms. It all had its share of fun. High School DxD is one such anime series from Japan that will keep you entertained. Like most anime series which are being adapted from the Manga comics, High School DxD is also one such example. The anime series is all about a central character who has been a student of pervert nature. He returns as Devil when being slain on his initial date. After that, he becomes a member of a club and strives to enhance the ranks of Devils, to accomplish his target in generating a harem, and becoming a monarch of it.

The animation version of the High School DxD started 2008 in September. This was the year when the release of its initial volume came into being in Japan. At present, in Japan, the volume of this anime show is around 19. The finest illustration that you see in the Manga anime transformation is of Hiroji Mishima. There have been a total of 54 episodes counting upon its previous seasons. The anime show did make it to win the hearts of its audience, who now are eager to watch the fifth season. So let us see whether it is going to happen this year, or is scheduled for another year.

Show Details 

TV Series: Highschool DxD
Genre: Anime, comedy, adventure & action 
Written by:  Ishibumi
Directed by: Tetsuya Yanagisawa
Place Of Origin: Japan
Produced by: TNK
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 4
Number of episodes: 53

Highschool dxd Season 5 Release Date

Show Concept

You must have got the idea from the introduction about the concept of the popular animated TV series. The anime series is inspired by the light novels of the same name. The credit of illustration goes to Miyama-Zero. Whereas, the one who penned down the concept is Ishibumi. Tetsuya Yanagisawa is known to be the director under whom the anime series was produced by TNK. High School DxD hit the screens a very long year back from now. It displays the brawl between devils and angels. The anime series revolves around the main character, Issei Hyodo. He is brought back by a beautiful school devil girl with a crimson hairstyle. Hyodo adheres to what she commands him to do.

High School DxD Season 2

After the success of the first season, came High School DxD New, the second season. It streamed in 2013 from July to March. This season was inspired by the light novels of 3rd and 4th volumes. The episodes were parted into two chapters. One such was The Vampire of the Empty Classroom. Succeeding the second season, came High School DxD Born as the third season from the series. It came five years back and streamed from April to June. The beginning episodes (1 – 10) were adapted from the volumes of the light novels of 5th and 7th.

The last ending episodes would be considered the last commitment of the producer, TNK. It is all because of the rift among the scriptwriter, and the writer who wrote the actual series. After the third series, followed the fourth series, from 9th and 10th volumes of the light novels, two years back in April. It was all done under the directorship of Yoshifumi Sueda, and Kenji Konuta, the one who wrote it. There is an interesting fact related to the fourth season. It is said that the producer of the anime TV series made his staff gulp down all the stories shown in the light novels. He did this with an intention so that no one would leave any loophole in the accuracy of the anime series. He even let his staff beware of executing any artistic liberties of the Japanese studio.

Controversy Due to Adult Content

The licensing of the High School DxD anime series has been done by Funimation, whereas, Madman Entertainment is another company behind the licensing of this anime show. But OFLC in New Zealand did not approve of its release because it finds the adult content shown between two young people. All the seasons of this anime show were released by a North American entertainment company (Funimation) from 2013, 2014 & 2016. It started in August and continued to its third season in September.

High School DxD Season 5

Those who love watching this school TV anime show, have reason to cheer up. Want to know what it is? The good news is there is a possibility for the release of High School DxD’s upcoming season, that is season 5. And it is all crafted by none other than Ishibumi. And in the latest story, will emphasize those students who belong from middle and high levels.

When It Is Going To Be Released?

After getting so much appraisal from the viewers, now all hopes are resting upon the fifth anime season. Let us reveal to you that it was supposed to be released in the current year, which is 2020. But unfortunately, all the hopes got shattered due to the only reason, the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, it is the one major spoilsport that has become a barrier in the release of your much-liked anime TV series, latest season. This virus stemmed from Wuhan city of China and made all the world come under its clutches, taking the lives of more and more people. The graph has still not come to an end.

Also, there is no further hope of any vaccine that would put an end to this uprising monstrous virus. So, for all the fans of the High School DxD anime series, we are sorry that you will have to wait for a long time to see the new season. So if you have missed out on any of the episodes, or seasons, then better watch them. You are left with no other option, but to keep patience. Let us see whether there will be any good news to come up in the new year for its release since 2020 is marching towards its end.

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