We all love watching anime shows. And it is not only meant for only the kids, but even grown-ups do love to watch it. One such example is Dragon Slayer, the Japanese anime show, whose story will keep you engaged. There is a main character called Tanjirou Kamado, around which the whole story revolves around. Dragon Slayer has a revengeful storyline, where the main character pledges to assassinate all those who are behind the murder of his family. We all must have watched movies, where villains spoil the childhood of the hero, by killing his family or causing any grievous harm to his loved ones. 

So if you love this concept, then you will be going to love watching Demon Slayer for sure. In the anime series, what attracts the attention of the viewer is the artwork. The more it is drawn well, the more it beholds the attention of the watcher. According to its storyline, the anime show is full of action and fighting sequences between hero and villains. Another very notable thing to notice about Demon Slayer is its wonderful background, which is fabulous, with clarity. Just like any animation movie or series, the makers of this anime show have done a great deal of hard work in bringing it and making all the detailing appealing to the viewers. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Demon Slayer
Genre: Adventure, dark fantasy & action
Directed by:  Haruo Sotozaki
Produced by:  Hikaru Kondo, Akifumi Fujimo & others
Place Of Origin: Japan
Network: Toonami
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 26

Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Date

Plot Of Demon Slayer

In the beginning, I have given you many hints about the Demon Slayer. It has a revengeful story plot, centralized around the main character Tanjirou Kamado. It reveals his struggle in being the breadwinner of his family, after the demise of his father. Even though the Tanjarou’s family does not live a wealthy lifestyle, they still seem so peaceful and content, as they live far away from the noise pollution of the city. 

Then on one day, he goes to a local village to sell charcoal, to earn money in return. But he is unaware of the situation which he is going to experience after reaching home. And it does happen, when Tanjirou reaches his home, all he can see is darkness. The circumstances prompted him to live in the house of mysterious identity. The unknown man awares him about  the demons venturing at night in the search of human flesh in the dark forest. 

But Tanjirou did not pay any heed to his warnings until he faced a gruesome truth about the slaughter of his family on the next day. Most of his family members were butchered. Luckily, his younger sister miraculously escapes, but unfortunately, she gets transformed into a fearsome demon. Biting his teeth with immense rage, Tanjiraou pledges to take revenge from those who are behind the gruesome murder of his family. He ensures to himself, that he will be at the side of his little demonic sibling. With the help of an unusual group, Tanjirou becomes determined to assassinate each demon to quench his revenge. 

Characters In The Anime Show

The success of the show is defined by the characters that are being portrayed in it. Although, I have revealed a lot about the central character, and what is his purpose, still, there are few more facts that I would like to add while briefing about some pivotal characters. Let us begin from:

Tanjirou Kamado

Tanjirou Kamado is the main protagonist of the anime show, Dragon Slayer. The whole series begins with his life, and how his family gets butchered by demons one night. Deeply disturbed by knowing about his major loss, he pledges to annihilate all the demons, who are the cause of his family’s slaughter. 

Coming on to his physical appearance, Tanjiraou is a black-eyed boy with maroonish hair color. His forehead had a birthmark located on the left side. He has a very kind-hearted nature, especially for his people whom he loves so much. Having a caring heart, Tanjirou is determined to do anything in their favor. He is focused on his target and ensures himself to accomplish it at any cost. He even has some soft corner for demons, and this makes him difficult to execute.

Tanjiraou is also blessed with special characteristics. He has the power to sense the danger 

approaching him. He adopts strategic warfare tactics.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

The braver the main character Tanjirou is, the more opposite is Zenitsu. Even though he is a member of the club specializing in slaying demons, still, he appears to be a coward, who is insecure about the toughest job, he has taken. He keeps a blonde hairstyle and his eyes, in comparison to Tanjirou, are not black, but golden. You will see him traveling with Tanjirou, anywhere. Like his hairstyle, Zenitsu wears a jacket of similar color (golden). He has a weird habit of coming across girls, who seem cute by looking and express his heart to make him a life partner. Zenitsu, unlike Tanjirou, always suffers from the anxiety that makes him desert his team members. 

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko is the younger sister of the main lead character (Tanjiraou). At the time, when his family was slaughtered by demons, she was the only one who survived. But she did not remain human and turned into a demon. You will see her hair always open, giving a fearsome appearance. She was not behind his brother, in terms of caring for her people. Even though she transformed into a demon, still, she has a softer side for humans and expresses caring towards them. Now, being a demon, she of course feasts upon human blood and flesh, but she can control her demonic characteristics well. 

Long Wait For Demon Slayer Season 2

After loving the concept of Demon Slayer in its first season, viewers are expecting a speedy release of the second season. But sorry to disappoint you, your wish is not going to come true so early. Because no official announcement has been made so far from the makers of the anime show. Season 2 might hit the screens around 2022. So no need to keep your fingers crossed as of now.

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