Have you ever heard about Levi Hilberling and are curious to know about his parents? Well, if that’s the case then you are in right place today. This small piece of the blog will introduce you to the mother of Levi Hilberling.

Levi Hilberling is the son of Amber Hilberling who is the daughter of Rhonda Whitlock. Continue reading till the end to know about Amber Hilberling’s early life, and personal and family details. You will also get to know about her death since she got died at a very young age of her life.

Early Life, Family, And Personal Details Of Levi Hilberling’s Mother

Amber Hilberling was born on 1st October 1991 and she died at the age of 25 years in 2016. She was 5 feet 5 inches while her husband Josh Hilberling was 6 feet 4 inches. Levi Hilberling was born to Amber Hilberling and her husband Josh Hilberling. Amber Hilberling was known to be involved in the second-degree murder of her husband Josh Hilberling.

When the facts came out, Amber Hilberling was sentenced to prison for 25 years. You should note that Levi Hilberling is the only child of Amber Hilberling. Amber Hilberling was known to have American nationality with white ethnicity.

You will be sad to know that Amber Hilberling killed herself in prison five years after she was sentenced to 25 years. She was accused of killing her husband by pushing him from the window of the apartment. Josh Hilberling was only 25 years old when he was murdered by his wife Amber Hilberling.

It is sad to know that she was seven months pregnant and 19 years old when Amber Hilberling murdered her husband. Although different proof was given that her husband died due to an accident since the window was already damaged in their apartment.

Controversies Of Amber Hilberling

The first controversy that came out for Amber Hilberling was the death of her husband Josh Hilberling. According to sources, she was sentenced to 25 years in jail. After the death of her husband, she appeared in a lot of shows explaining that it was just self-defense that killed her husband. Levi Hilberling’s mother

Amber Hilberling also told the media that she and her husband were too young at the time when he was murdered. If he was still alive then they would be living a very happy life. A lot of media channels kept taking her interviews during the duration of her imprisonment and the course of the trial.

Death Of Amber Hilberling & Other Facts

According to some authentic sources, Amber Heard did suicide in an apartment in Oklahoma. When the observations were made, it was found that she died by hanging herself on the bunk bed.

When she went to jail, the custody of her son Levi Hilberling was given to her stepfather and mother Rhonda Whitlock. It is to be noted that Rhonda Whitlock also made a Facebook group where she posts pictures and memories of Amber Hilberling.

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