Jean Pleasence was born to Miriam Raymond and Donald Pleasence. If you have heard about Jean Pleasence but don’t know about her father then this blog can be very interesting for you. This blog will introduce you to the life details of Jean Pleasence’s father Donald Pleasence.

Donald Pleasence, also known as Donald Henry Pleasence, was an English actor who lived from 1911 to 1995. Before he got into a screen career, he started his career through stage performances.

Early Life Of Jean Pleasence’s Father Donald Pleasence

During the whole career of Jean Pleasence’s father, he was able to perform a large number of characters and roles. Donald Pleasence was born to Thomas and Alice in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. His father Thomas Stanley Pleasence was a railway station master. Thomas and Alice raised Donald Pleasence as a strict Methodist in Grimoldby, Lincolnshire.

At Crossby Junior School, he was able to complete his formal education. Donald Pleasence also worked as a clerk in charge. He used to be in this position at a railway station. When he was working as a clerk at the railway station, it was the time when he decided to be an actor in 1939.

Career Of Donald Pleasence

It was during the life of Donald Pleasence when world war 2 started. During this period, he wasn’t able to perform his acting career in the best possible ways. However, he returned back to acting in different theatre companies in Bristol and Birmingham after world war 2.

He achieved his first award as a theatre character in 1960. It was the role that he was supposed to play again in 1990. Donald Pleasence won the London variety award as the stage actor of the year for this performance in The Man In The Glass Booth and Anouilh’s Poor Bites.

Personal Life Of Jean Pleasence’s Father

Jean Pleasence was known to have a large number of marriages at his time. According to some sources, he got married four times. Through these four marriages, he got 5 daughters from the first 3 marriages. Jean Pleasence and Angela Pleasence were born to Donald Pleasence and Mirium Raymond.

On the other hand, Polly and Loccy were born to his second wife Josephine Martin Crombie. Donald Pleasence’s third wife was Meira Shore who gave her 5th daughter Mirinda. The last wife of Donald Pleasence was Linda Kentwood who died in 1995.

Books Of Jean Pleasence’s father Donald Pleasence

Apart from being a talented actor, Jean Pleasence’s father Donald Pleasence was also a good author. Scouse the mouse was a Children’s book written by Donald Pleasence. It is interesting to note that Donald Pleasence’s book Scouse the mouse was animated by Gerald Potterton, a Canadian film director.

Terence Pettigrew said in one of his books that Donald Pleasence was a man of voice and eye. According to him, Donald Pleasence is a potent combination of eyes and voice. This shows that he got a lot of respect just after the book Scouse the mouse.

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