Are you in the market for a baker’s rack but don’t know it yet? The answer is probably yes, as most people think of pie or cakes whenever a baker’s rack is brought up in conversation. But baker’s racks aren’t just made for cooling pies or setting cakes aside before slathering them in icing. These racks have proven to be versatile pieces you can use in any room to maximize storage or to display personal effects.

When decorating your rack, the first tip is to remember that it’s yours, so you can decorate it as you see fit. Stay true to your style, and the finished piece will be a meeting of function and fashion. If modern furniture makes you happy, choose a sleek baker’s rack. Wrought iron racks with a Victorian-era theme are ideal for a more formal look. Look for racks that you find visually appealing.

Once you’ve located the right rack for the space, it’s time to decide what items you’ll use to adorn the piece. For racks going in the kitchen, you have several ways to set them up so that they’re useful and pleasing to the eye. If you have a number of small to mid-sized appliances crowding your counter space, place some or all of them (depending on size) on the rack.

The main shelf is usually strong and deep enough to hold heavy appliances, like a microwave. On the shelf beneath the microwave, think about storing other heavy or bulky appliances like a crockpot or air fryer. The higher shelves can hold smaller appliances like a toaster or handheld blender. It’s also a great spot for spices you constantly use. You’ll be grateful when you realize how much counter space you now have to prepare meals.

If counter space isn’t an issue, then there’s a more fun use for the baker’s rack. Whether you’re a coffee or tea sipper, set up a station dedicated to your favorite hot beverage. You’ll want a baker’s rack with extra features such as hooks, drawers, or cabinets. You can find a baker’s rack for sale at our online store.

Start with the coffee pot or tea brewing machine on the main shelf. The higher shelves are great for mugs and special teacups. If you have unique or rare teacups, display them proudly on the rack. Place your honey, sugar, or preferred sweetener on the higher shelves. The drawer underneath the main shelf is where you would keep the stirrers and spoons. The cabinet below the drawer is the perfect hiding spot for those special coffee blends, tea bags, and other supplies that any good hot beverage bar needs.

Baker’s racks look wonderful in dining rooms. They add casual elegance to the space and don’t take away from the main focal point, the dining table set. The openness of the design makes it the perfect complement to the space and allows you to display your fancy china. Traditionally you’d use a cumbersome china cabinet and keep your elaborate dishes behind a cabinet’s glass door. With a baker’s rack, your dishes are easily accessible for those important celebrations.

If you don’t quite have the room for a full bar, but your dining area has adequate space, consider a baker’s rack with wine storage. Some of the features this particular rack comes with are bottle storage and stemware holders. Typically, the lower half is a cabinet where larger liquor bottles can stay hidden from view. You can also keep corkscrew bottle openers, shakers, and other accessories in the cabinet. The main shelf is perfect for holding ice buckets when entertaining guests.

Don’t forget to add some personal touches to the rack to really make it yours. A cute sign about your love of coffee is just what your hot beverage bar needs. If you love candles, find a beautiful, decorative one in your favorite color and place it on a shelf with your fancy china.

Quirky quotes and rustic signs are small details that personalize your baker’s rack. The number of ways you can incorporate a baker’s rack into your household’s everyday use is endless. The final tip is don’t overcrowd the shelves; keep it simple and tasteful.

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