Kennedy Rose Huffman is the daughter of the legendary wrestling star and promoter Booker T. Kennedy Rose’s father has won several championships during his entire career, making him one of the most renowned figures in the wrestling world. Kennedy Rose Huffman, the daughter of the famous wrestler, obviously finds people interested in knowing about her personal life. Here is all information we know about her.

Short Biography About Kennedy Rose Huffman

Kennedy Rose Huffman is one of Booker T’s children. Rose was born in August 2010, and she has a twin brother. Little is known about the celebrity kid’s personal life because she is still young. However, let’s see some information about her.

Is Kennedy Rose Huffman the Only Child?

As we have mentioned, Kennedy Rose has a twin brother. Kennedy Rose and her brother were born by Booker T’s second wife, and she has a half-brother. Kennedy’s half-brother is called Brandon, and he was born when Booker was in a relationship in high school.

The Early Life of Kennedy Rose Huffman’s Father

Booker T Kennedy Rose’s father was born on March 1, 1965. Although he is now a famous figure, his early life was not the easiest. When he was thirteen years old, the star lost his parents. He grew up with his sister, and his older siblings took care of him and his other siblings.

When Kennedy Rose’s father was in school, he was a drum major and loved engaging in various sports activities. Unfortunately, he was accused of theft which led him to be jailed for around nine months. After serving his jail term, his brother advised him to join wrestling. Kennedy Rose’s father heeded his brother’s advice and entered the wrestling industry together with his brother.

Kennedy Rose Huffman’s Father’s Career

Rose Huffman’s father worked in Houston, Texas, in a storage company. He was a single father then and looked for ways of bettering his life and his first son. He started his wrestling lessons when he was working in the storage company. His storage company boss offered to sponsor his wrestling lessons, enabling Huffman to begin training under Scott Casey.

After two months of training, Booker joined WWF’s and started his wrestling. In 1992, Booker won his first GWF Tag Team partnership. Booker joined World Championship Wrestling in 1993 and wrestled there until 1997. After that, Booker joined other organizations continuing with his career. His career has made him rank among the most successful wrestlers in history. Besides wrestling, Kennedy Rose Huffman’s father is a wrestling promoter and owns a Wrestling organization.

Relationships of Kennedy Rose Huffman’s Father

Booker was married to his first wife in May 1996. Unfortunately, in 2001, Huffman divorced his first wife. There is no record of Huffman and his first wife getting a child, although he had a son in 1982 with his high school girlfriend. In 2005, Huffman married his girlfriend, who he had been dating for five years. The couple lives together, and they have two children, Kendrick and Kennedy Rose.

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