Karen Leslie Crane is the daughter of Hogan Heroes’ Robert Edward Crane, popularly known as Bob Crane. Her mother is Anne Terzian, and she has five siblings. Karen is famous thanks to her father, who was an actor, drummer, and radio personality.


Karen Leslie Crane is a make-up artist and a fashion designer. She is mainly known for her works in the shows Starship: Rising (2014), Bountiful in 2010, and The Practice in 1997.

She also featured as an actress in the show Richard Roe where she took the role of Jane. Additionally, Karen has featured in several other shows as a make-up artist, including; The Observers, Itsy Bitsy, and Open Wound, among many others.

Karen Leslie’s Father

Bob Crane was an American actor known for his appearance in the CBS comedy show Hogan’s Heroes. Karen Leslie’s father was a drummer from a tender age, and in his career as a radio personality, he first started in New York and then in Connecticut. He then moved to Los Angeles, where he hosted a morning radio show

In 1965, he moved into acting, got the lead role of Colonel Robert Hogan in the comedy show Hogan’s Heroes, and received two nominations for Emmy Awards. Karen Leslie Crane’s father’s acting career started declining when he was given a few roles in Hogan’s Heroes, and he started performing in dinner theatres.

Bob Crane returned to television in 1975 in the NBC series, The Bob Crane Show, which aired for thirteen weeks, after which it was canceled for poor ratings. He returned to performing in dinner theater and appeared on television as an occasional guest.

Karen Leslie’s Father’s Private Life

Karen Leslie’s father was into kinky stuff; he occasionally took photos and videos of his sexual pleasures. While acting in Hogan’s Heroes, Bob Crane met John Henry Carpenter; they became close friends and used to go to the bars together, videotaping their joint sexual escapades.

Due to his popularity, Karen Leslie’s father attracted many beautiful women and introduced Carpenter as his manager. He indulged in sexual pleasures with most of the women he met; some consented to videotape while others had no clue that they were being recorded.

Bob Crane’s Murder

His obsession with sex is what probably got him killed. He was murdered in June 1978 in Winfield Place Apartments in Scottsdale while in a run of Beginner’s luck at the Windmill Dinner Theatre. His body, bludgeoned with a weapon and had an electrical cord tied around the neck, was discovered on June 29, 1978, by Victoria Anne Berry, his co-star.

Through investigation and several court cases, John Carpenter was arrested and charged with the murder of Karen Leslie’s father. Investigators believed he might have killed him due to homosexual motives. Carpenter was acquitted of the murder of Bob Crane, and the murder remains unresolved.

Social Media

Karen Leslie Crane seems to be a private individual. No active social media handles affiliated with her are known. She is not active on Instagram or any other social media platform

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