Matilda Kent Tarleton is the daughter of Robert Eckler Tarleton, electrical foreman, and Mary Elizabeth Kent. She was born on October 19, 1897, in Durham, Green County, New York, United States.

Matilda Kent Tarleton, a school teacher, married Byron John Barker in 1921 and had a son, Robert William Barker, famously known as Bob Barker, on December 12, 1923. Byron John Barker died on July 6, 1930, from an accident in his workplace.

In her second marriage to Louis Valandra, Matilda Kent Tarleton had a son, Kent Tarleton Valandra, in 1938. Matilda Kent Tarleton died in Los Angeles, California, on August 26, 1989.

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s Son

Bob Barker, Matilda Kent Tarleton’s son, is an American Television producer, broadcaster, host of the Game Show, Actor, and fighter pilot. He got married to Dorothy Josephine Gideon on January 12, 1945. The marriage lasted 36 years until 1981 when Dorothy succumbed to lung malignancy.

Bob Barker fell from a building where he sustained injuries. However, he was pronounced dead, and people believed he was lifeless for the entire of 1929.

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s Son’s Education

Bob barker attended Central Senior High School. He proceeded to Drury College, currently known as Drury University in Springfield, after obtaining a basketball scholarship and graduating in 1941 with an economics degree.

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s Son’s Personal Life

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s son, Bob Barker, faced a lawsuit in 1994 related to sexual harassment from Dian Parkinson after a three years affair.

Additionally, Deborah Curling filed a case involving Bob barker and others, claiming that she was forced to forego her work after testifying in a case where Matilda Kent Tarleton’s son was accused of terminating a producer’s contract wrongfully.

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s Son, Bob Barker, is an animal rights advocate. In 2004, he donated $1 million to Columbia Law School to aid the animal rights study. Bob Barker also donated $1 million to the University of Virginia to help in the animal rights study.

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s Son’s Career

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s son, Bob Barker, joined US Military Reserve during World War II, where he trained and became a fighter pilot. However, he did have an active duty in the field since the war ended before getting assigned.

After being discharged from US Military, he moved to Lake Worth Beach in Florida, where he began his journey in radio news editing and broadcasting. He relocated to California in 1950 and began hosting a show on the Los Angeles radio, where he held the role for six years.

Moreover, Matilda Kent Tarleton’s son hosted the Truth or Consequences show between 1956 and 1974. He also hosted “The Price Is Right Show” show from September 4, 1972, until June 2007, when he retired.

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s Son’s Net worth

Bob Barker, Matilda Kent Tarleton’s son, has a net worth of $70 million. His net worth is from a whooping salary of $10 million a year before retirement.

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s Son Awards

Bob Barker, Matilda Kent Tarleton’s son, bagged the Lifetime Achievement Award during the Daytime Emmy awards. Bob Barker is in the Television Hall of Fame 2004 class. In addition, CBS Television City named a show “Bob Barker Show” in his honor. Moreover, he was enrolled in the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame 2008 class.

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