Known for being the father of popular American comedian and screenwriter, Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr Valentine Knipfing Jr is an American celebrity. Though he himself has not done any notable work in the glamour world or any other field, his son has made him a celebrity.

To know more about him, today, we’ll dig all information about him. Let’s start with his personal life.

Personal Life

Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr Valtentine Knipfing Jr was born on August 4, 1930, in Westbury NY, US. He is said to be a German-American. The name of his wife is Janet Knipfing, who was an office worker. Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr lived a wonderful life and passed away in 2006 after fighting a long battle with heart disease. Joseph lived in different places in his lifetime. During his last days, he was residing in Encino, CA.


Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr has 3 kids. Their names are Gary Valentine, Gary James, and Lesile Knipfing. His son Gary Valentine has garnered huge popularity as a comedian and screenwriter. People know Joseph because of his son. Gary is best known for his awesome acting in the hit series ‘The King of Queens’. Apart from the acting, Gary is also a stand-up comedian and a talented songwriter.

Joseph also has 4 grandkids with his children. The names of his grandchildren are Sienna Maria James, Kannon James, Sistine James, and Shea James.

Parents and siblings:

Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr was born to Joseph Valentine and Helen Knipfing. He spent most of his childhood on the Long Island where his parent lived. According to legacy.com, Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr has 2 brothers named George and Vincent. There is not much information available about the professions of his parents and siblings.

Professional life:

Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr is not really a celebrity, so he didn’t have a flourishing professional career. Nevertheless, as a common man, he had worked hard to feed his family and make his kids capable enough to make a name in the world. If Joseph hadn’t supported Gary, he would have never gained such a giant success in the glamour world. Speaking of the profession of Joseph, he had worked as a businessman. He owned an insurance agency and worked for it for around 30 years.

Reason for his popularity:

The reason for the popularity of Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr is his son, Gary Valentine. Yes, people know Joseph because of his son Gary, who is a successful songwriter, actor, and stand-up comedian. Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr garnered the headlines when he expired in 2006 after a long battle with heart disease.

Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr Valentine Knipfing Jr net worth:

With the fact that Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr was a common man and owned an insurance agency, he might not have a massive net worth. However, his exact net worth is not known. If we talk about his son Gary’s net worth, he has churned out a huge net worth of 2.9 million so far.

Today, Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr is no more, but his legacy is alive. He was a perfect family man and a good father. This is the reason that his children are making him popular today.

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