Comics and animated movies surely excite us all. It brings back our childhood and we once again start exploring our favorite superheroes. However, the content and illustration of comic characters matter a lot for the reader. The same is applicable in the animation series. Although comics can still be read online, somehow the trend of anime series has overshadowed the trend of reading. If you love reading manga comics from Japan, then you must have certainly enjoyed watching the anime series, Stone Ocean. It is the follow up of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the 6th manga series crafted by Hirohiko Araki. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Stone Ocean
Genre: Anime comics
Written by: Hirohiko Araki
Published by: Shueisha
Place Of Origin: Japan
Demographic: Shonen
Original language: Japanese
Running period: 1st Jan 2000 – 21st April 2003
Volumes: 17

Jojo part 6 release date

Background Story

Now, if you have never been much familiar with this anime show, then better know its story background. It will clear you about the base of the story. Well, let us brief you about it. The story revolves around Jolyne Cujoh. She faces a murder charge and ends up in jail. But she had something with her that would help her. It is the amulet featured with an arrowhead given by Jotaro, her father. It proves helpful for her in unlocking Stone Free. When Jolyne’s father reaches to meet his daughter who is framed for murder, he reveals the exact truth about how she got behind the prison. He tells her that she was being falsely charged for murder by DIOs disciple to murder her in jail. Jotaro then tells her daughter to free herself by escaping from prison. To know the rest, you need to watch the anime show and get to know more about the events that took place in Jolyne’s life.

More About Stone Ocean

Stone Ocean features interesting characters, from heroes to villains. There are characters like Jolyne Cujoh as the main lead, her father Jotaro, Foo Fighters, Weather Report, and others. Now, you must be astonished by the latter name of the character. Weather Report as the name suggests is a character that gets along with a central character (Jolyne) when he is being requested by a born, named Emporio, a boy born to an inmate in jail where Jolyne was kept as a prisoner. Although, the identity of the inmate remains a mystery for Emporio. Weather Report has the power to mold the atmospheric wave and weather on his terms.

Jojo Series: The Captivating And Engaging Anime Series

If you love reading Manga comics, or other Japanese comics, then watching the Jojo anime series will make you glued to the interesting adventures of Jojo and other characters in it. If you have watched the previous anime episodes and are now willing to watch the new 6th edition of Stone Ocean, from the Jojo series, then you have to wait very long. It will start again by the farewell of the upcoming new year, which means 2021.

What Is Jojo Part Six All About?

Jojo’s latest anime series which is part 6 is based upon the Manga series of Japan, crafted by the writer, Hirohiko Araki. The publisher of this anime adventure is Shueisha. All kudos to Hirohiko for framing a wonderful storyline that is enough to catch the interest of the viewer including the characters and their supreme power. For example Weather Report, who can change the weather at his will. 

Manga Comics Adaptation

The Jojo anime series is classified into different episodes inspired by the Manga novel. The premiere of the previous anime series has taken place already. Now the wait lies ahead for the upcoming sixth episode of Jojo adventure series, which is Stone Ocean. APPP Studios is known to have been behind the production of this super anime series. 

Declared As The Best Anime TV Series

Jojo anime adventure series is classified into chapters (8). If you refer to any particular chapter, 

then you will find out about all the struggles an individual protagonist will have to go through including fighting in all life situations. If you ask whether it is worth watching, then the answer is definitely yes. And it is all because of getting admired by the audience for its engaging and captivating concept. Eight years back, it was once declared to be the best anime series shown on TV.

Expected Release Date Of Jojo Anime Part 6

Jojo anime series has been liked much by the viewers, So it is indeed to understand the craze for new series. Sadly, there has been no official announcement regarding the release of Stone Ocean: Jojo part 6 adventure series yet. And the reason is none other than COVID-19, a global pandemic virus. In other words, the virus has become a barrier in the process of its slated release. Because of this, no proper execution of the series is taking place. Since it is an anime series, it will take time. So you can expect the latest Jojo released by next year-end (2021). It feels bad, but what to do. 

Trailer Of The Jojo Part 6

Now, since you got the bad news about the delaying of Jojo part 6, Stone Ocean, all you can do is to enjoy the part 5 trailer of the Jojo anime series. It will help you in understanding the concept of the anime series. Till, then it might be possible to expect the trailer of much-awaited part 6, or Stone Ocean. So be patient, and watch Golden Stone, the part 5 trailer of the Jojo series. If missed any anime episode of Jojo adventure, then better flock on to its previous part series. In that way, it will keep you engaged and entertained.

New Characters In Jojo Part 6

Although it is not possible to speculate the release of Jojo part 6, Stone Ocean, we can at least give you some hints regarding the characters. Yes, there is a possibility of new characters to be joining the Jojo anime series. You will love them.

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