We all know the value that diamonds have. We often desire to purchase jewelry that has diamonds embedded in them. But diamonds do have their cost, not always affordable to the average consumer.

So is there an alternative to the beauty of diamonds? The answer lies in cubic zirconia.

But what is cubic zirconia, you might be wondering.

Cubic zirconia is a manmade gemstone that has taken the jewelry industry by storm. For years, it has been seen as a great alternative for diamonds.

Let’s have a look at this gemstone, how it compares to diamonds, and whether you want to consider it for your jewelry.

What Is Cubic Zirconia and Why Is It Great?

Before you decide to purchase cubic zirconia jewelry, you want to find a great jewelry shop such as Dreamland Jewelry. You also want to invest in a great jewelry box as you accumulate your jewelry collection.

When you look through a catalog of cubic zirconia, you will notice that it looks similar to a diamond. To the untrained and naked eye, one can scarcely see the difference.

Let’s start with seeing the basic differences.

Cubic Zirconia

Manmade and Colorless

Cubic zirconia is made in a laboratory. This is a synthetic gemstone that is created using the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. Unlike diamonds, cubic zirconia is always colorless.

The fact that it can be mass-produced means that it doesn’t hold the same value as a diamond or any other natural gemstone. As a result, this is a great alternative to diamonds.

If you are giving cubic zirconia jewelry to someone, consider that it won’t be perceived as valuable as a diamond ring. Nevertheless, cubic zirconia jewelry is popular and loved by many.

How It Compares With Diamonds

Naturally, the gemstone that cubic zirconia is most compared to is the diamond. After all, it was made as a cheaper alternative to diamonds.

While it’s cheaper, this doesn’t mean that cubic zirconia doesn’t have beauty. For everyday jewelry, cubic zirconia is seen as a better alternative than a diamond.

A 1-carat cubic zirconia ring might sell between $10-$20. In contrast, a 1-carat diamond ring might sell for at least $3,000, if not higher.

As a result, diamond jewelry is best suited for occasional wear. Cubic zirconia is a great option if you want to wear jewelry on a daily basis, while still making a statement with what you wear.

A cubic zirconia gemstone (and jewelry) doesn’t carry the prestige that a diamond has. A diamond ring, for example, can be passed down through generations as a family heirloom.

While it’s not the safest investment, you might find that you can sell diamond jewelry for a great profit. If you sell cubic zirconia jewelry, you won’t become a millionaire, but you will have a greater chance of selling. If you have a collection of cubic zirconia, you might find that you are able to recover much of your expenses when you sell.

How to Differentiate

So how exactly do you differentiate between a cubic zirconia gemstone and a diamond?

The short answer is that you need to look under a microscope or tool for inspecting gemstones. But even with the naked eye, a layman can differentiate between diamonds and cubic zirconia.

You should look at the gemstone under natural light. A diamond will emit more white light.

Cubic zirconia will emit more colored light. You might see a rainbow emit from looking at a cubic zirconia under natural light.

Diamonds are also more durable. On the Mohs scale of hardness, a diamond is a 10, which means that it’s the hardest type of gemstone.

Cubic zirconia comes in at 8.5 on the scale of hardness. Both gemstones can be used to cut glass or scratch a surface.

Cubic zirconia doesn’t have inherent flaws. While this might sound great, it does receive the common criticism of looking “too perfect.”

All diamonds have different variations of flaws. But it is these flaws that make a diamond attractive.

The Quality

You are likely wondering about the quality of cubic zirconia. You want to know if it’s worth investing your money on cubic zirconia jewelry. The short answer is yes.

While cubic zirconia might not be considered a luxury gemstone and cubic zirconia jewelry won’t hold up in the long run, it works great as an everyday jewelry option that you can wear for years.

With everyday wear, jewelry made of cubic zirconia will last from 2-3 years. If you wear it on occasion, you can expect a piece of jewelry made of cubic zirconia to last up to 5 years.

How to Maintain

Your cubic zirconia gemstone can become cloudy, dirty, or damaged over time.

You want to make sure that you clean the gemstone on a regular basis. You can clean it using soapy water and a dry cloth. If you notice a speck of dirt, you want to clean the cubic zirconia as soon as possible.

If you postpone cleaning the gemstone, it will eventually permanently deteriorate. The base of the jewelry (gold, silver, etc.) also will need regular maintenance and cleaning. Though cubic zirconia might not have the greatest value among gemstones, they can still come in jewelry made of a valuable and expensive precious metal.

The cubic zirconia will not rust, but you want to care for it nevertheless. If you give cubic zirconia jewelry as a gift, you want to consider giving a jewelry cleaner as an additional gift.

Why Consider Cubic Zirconia?

You should consider buying cubic zirconia for yourself. While these are not as valuable as diamonds, they maintain their luster and work as a great alternative for everyday jewelry.

Cubic zirconia is popular among all ages, and you have a greater chance of selling jewelry than with a precious gemstone such as a diamond.

Get Your Cubic Zirconia

Now that you know what is cubic zirconia, you are ready to start shopping for jewelry with this great gemstone. Make sure to share this guide with anyone interested in cubic zirconia.

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