If you love to spend your quality time watching sitcom shows, then you must watch Letterkenny. The team behind the curation of this Canadian television sitcom includes Jacob Tierney, Michelle Mylett, and others. The television show began with the web series having the name of Letterkenny problems on a popular video-sharing platform, YouTube. It was later authorized into a TV series by a Canadian subscription video around five years back. Letterkenny made its beginning in the next year (2016). After some time, it was also shown on The Comedy Network. This sitcom show revolves around the people living in Letterkenny. Read on to know about its new season, release date, and more.

Show Details 

TV Series: Letterkenny
Genre: Sitcom
Created by: Jared Kisso
Developed by: Jared Kisso & Jacob Tierney
Place Of Origin: Canada
Main Cast: Jared Kisso, James Daly, Lisa Codrington and more
Original language: English
Seasons: 8
Episodes: 30

Letterkenny season 9 release date

Brief About Letterkenny

Letterkenny’s previous series have been loved much by the audience. It was even awarded for being the best TV sitcom in the comedy genre. Three years back, this comedy sitcom was about to broadcast around forty new episodes as per the commitment. Last year in December, its 8th season was shown on two subscription video platforms. In the present year, the 9th season of the Letterkenny series was supposed to restart.

Hulu, an American-based subscription video monitored by the Walt Disney Company that distributed the Letterkenny. The initial seasons of the latter sitcom were shown in 2018 in July, two years back. More successive seasons came following during the same year in December. 

The subscription video (Hulu) gained the rights for this TV comedy show, Letterkenny for further seasonal episodes in the U.S. The seventh season of the latter comedy show to be premiered on this subscription video platform, last year in October.

Watch And Know The Story Plot Of Letterkenny

The story of this award-winner comedy series revolves around many characters shown as residents of the local Canadian-based community known by the same name (Letterkenny). According to the latter comedy sitcom story, there are many people in the rural place, Letterkenny. And this is the only issue shown in the sitcom comedy. Letterkenny emphasizes multiple characters be it between close relationships, sports players, and many other different people.

It won’t be right to spill the beans of every character that has been played by the actors in the movie. So you should watch it and know the story that revolves around the people of Letterkenny.

More About Letterkenny Sitcom Comedy Show

With the teamwork of Jacob Tierney and Javed Keeso, the Canadian-based sitcom comedy, Letterkenny, gained much importance among its viewers. It was even regarded as the best TV show of comedy by winning the award. After getting a heavy dose of laughter, the curious eyes are on the new upcoming season of Letterkenny. If possible, there can be an announcement for its 10th season.

Release Of Letterkenny New 9th Season

This hilarious comedy sitcom show was aired on The Comedy Network. In the United States, the previous seasons had already been aired on an American subscription video platform. The latest eighth season was also broadcasted last year, in December. But till now there is no such confirmation about when the ninth season of Letterkenny will hit the screens. The main reason behind the delay of its new release is none other than the COVID-19 global pandemic. However, there is a possibility that a new season (9th season) of Letterkenny might be shown on Hulu by the current year-end or most by the next year (2021).

Will There Be Changes In The Starcast For The 9th Season Of Letterkenny?

Well, there is no surety about seeing any new faces in the ninth season of the Letterkenny sitcom series. The actors you have been watching since previous episodes will continue to follow their character roles. Jared will keep playing the role of Wayne, Andrew will also be seen as Jonesy. Similarly, other actors will continue to portray the roles of the character in the new season.

What Will Be The Story Of Letterkenny Season 9?

As mentioned above, the story plot of the Letterkenny comedy sitcom is based upon the local Canadian-based family. The most captivating and entertaining angle of the 9th season of Letterkenny will be on the basic problem, which is 5k people living in Letterkenny. The series will also be highlighting the sibling characters owning a minor farm and fighting among the classified farmer groups. Funnier we would be seeing is how Wayne will keep trying to shoo off his sister’s men with whom she had relations. Wayne cannot tolerate them.

More Hints About The Letterkenny Anticipated Plot

There has been no official announcement yet about the ninth season of the Letterkenny sitcom comedy show. So naturally, it is not possible to speculate what is going in the minds of showrunners’ regarding the anticipated story plot of the comedy series. The main attraction would be to see Wayne dealing with multiple partners of her sister. Rest you have to wait till the streaming of Letterkenny 9th season trailer to be out. When the trailer will be out, you will know it.


Littlekenny, unlike Letterkenny, is a short animated cartoon series that came during the last year. It was launched by Bell Media in June. It was meant for kids’ view, where it emphasized children as mainstream characters. The episodes did not last long, as it was only for a short duration. So till the time you wait for the next season of Letterkenny, it is better to watch this entertaining short animated series. It was written and directed by Jared Keeso.

DVDs Of Comedy Series

When Letterkenny gained much popularity as the most entertaining comedy series, soon it started coming in DVDs by a Canadian film distribution company, Elevation Pictures. This company made its debut around seven years back during the Toronto International Film Festival. DVDs of Letterkenny were also released by a home distribution company in the U.S.

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