We all know princesses don’t exist without their fairy-tale but there are exceptional cases where princesses exist with their own real fairy-tale made by their parents. This case is applied to celebrities’ children or called as star children. Here we are going to talk about a real life princess “Isabella Victoria Rooney” who is the daughter of Christy Carlson Romano and Brendan Rooney.

She was born on 24 Dec 2016 on LA. She is 5 year old and has beautiful blue eyes. She has many fan accounts following her. Her life is full of fame, money and luxury. She is the star child whose life from hospital to school is followed by flashes of paparazzi cameras.

Family background:
Isabella Victoria Rooney’s mother:

Isabella’s  mother is Christy Carlson Romano who is a well-known actress and singer of America. She is very talented as she started her career before she was a teenager but she  gained her popularity by working on a Disney project called Even Stevens where she portrayed her role as Ren very effectively.

For which she has won the young artist award two times. On board we work as Bella for the beauty and beast under the same label. She was also a singer under Disney channel. Even after suffering from alcohol and depression, she does not give up and keeps pursuing her career.

She is also one of the best voicing actresses and gained huge fame by voicing  a character of Kim possible and is nominated for daytime award. She continued her success as a voice actress  by starring In any movies like Big hero and Casper’s Scare etc.

After working in movies, she also worked in video games and audible audiobooks. She got recognition by The New York Public Library after her novel publications. She is also a social worker and takes part in many projects. After 2018 she started a YouTube channel after her name who she cooks.

She is married to her long term boyfriend after being engaged to her for two year. She has a very strong and healthy relationship with her husband. They both support each other and live a happy life. After some years of her marriage she is blessed by her first born , Isabella Victoria Rooney.

Isabella Victoria Rooney’s Father:

Isabella’s father Brandon Rooney is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur. He worked on many movies but did not get any fame. He worked as an ex marine corp for four years. He married Christy Carlson Romano in 2013 and is living a very happy life with his two daughters.


Isabella is a first born child. As the saying goes, first born are always special to their parents. The same applies here as she opens her eyes, her mother publicly announces her presence to the world and expresses her love on twitter. Before she was born, her mother openly expressed love for her on social media and shared precious and memorable moments on IG.

She is loved by her parents very much, as moments are often captured on camera  by paparazzi. After her birth she is blessed by a baby sister whom she seemed to love very much. She also takes care of her like a big sister.


Isabella is a beautiful 5 year old girl. She was born on 24 December 2016 which means her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Zodiac signs affect one personality. According to her zodiac sign, she would be ambitious and determined like her parents. She would be logical and hard working like her mother. She has blue eyes which are full of sweetness and kindness.

Education and career:

Isabella is just 5 year old. She is just enjoying her life as princess. She is not capable of starting a career or education just yet.


As she is just a child, she has no net worth. But her mother’s net worth is approximately 3 million$ as her father net worth is 1 million$. As her parents are growing in their profession their net worth is also increasing. As for now she is a multi-millionaire

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