Modern architecture is an innovative, simplistic, and experimental style of building that focuses more on function and streamlined form over ornamentation. The concept has evolved, and modern architectural services have taken the world by storm. Homebuyers want ready-to-occupy homes that don’t require lots of upkeep and replacements.

Modern Architectural Styles

Many modern architectural styles incorporate unique methods to their design. This form of architecture allows for artistic creativity and unique materials. Here are five styles of modern architecture:

Parametricism Style

This style was designed to represent computer coding in architecture. Its appearance is characterized by an abstract and avant-garde focus on rigid forms. Parametricism was inspired by computer animation styles.

Brutalism Style

Brutalism is known for its geometric shapes, typically formed from concrete and glass. It is often described as blocky and includes bare building materials. This style has recently been making a comeback.

Organic Style

The organic modern style is the antithesis to brutalism with its natural materials and emphasis on blending with the environment. The buildings are typically built into existing forms like tree or rock formations. Frank Lloyd Wright is known for founding and popularizing this architectural style.

Minimalist Style

Minimalist modern architecture typically has a solid block appearance with few stylized design elements. It is characterized by simplicity and uniform structures. The color of minimalist buildings is almost always neutral and the building is made of few materials.

Miesian Style

This style was built to encapsulate the idea that less is more. The structures can either be high-rise buildings or smaller commercial and residential buildings. Their design elements are typically basic to focus on lowering supply costs.

As different and modern architectural building styles emerge, technology in construction materials evolves. Selecting the appropriate building materials can transform structures to provide comfort.

Characteristics of Modern Architectural Styles

The current modern design trend focuses more on material use and space. There are several styles of contemporary architecture and the following are some common modern features:

Broad Roof Overhangs

The emphasis is on low, horizontal structures with large roof overhangs.

Simplified Forms and Clean Lines

The lines of the house are long, sharp, and straightforward. Most homes have a box shape or rectangular structure. This is common in minimalist and miesian style buildings.

Walls of Glass and Large Windows

The structures are consistent with large glass windows and walls, which integrate natural lighting in the interior.

Open and Large Spacious Floorplans

To complement the concept of “form over function,” the interiors have large spacious floor plans and open dining concept living rooms. The free-flowing space gives homeowners a sense of freedom and warmth.

Modern Industrial Materials

Modern architects use traditional and industrial materials like concrete, iron, glass, etc. The use of brick, stone, and wood gives the structure a natural beauty. Organic-style buildings will likely be made from wood and natural stone while parametric buildings will incorporate more brick and concrete elements.

Lack of Ornamentation

The most common theme is the lack of extensive ornamentation. These buildings are simple and focus on neutral elements with basic shapes. The stylistic elements that are included will typically be very basic, with sharp lines and flat tops. While modern architectural styles may vary, the features are synonymous with simplicity.

The Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Concept

ADU is a cooperative development approach for neighbors to come together and interconnect to build townhomes. This is a strategy to counter the shortage of affordable housing in the United States. A central co-op manager coordinates helping the property owners with financing for the construction at affordable rates. This model can work concurrently with modern architectural styles.

Architectural Services in California

California is a smorgasbord of architectural design styles. Modern architecture characterizes many of the residential and commercial buildings. Finding an architectural style to match your dream home is an exciting process. There is a different modern architectural style for everyone. Architectural services can help you find the best fit for your modernist aesthetic.


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