The caravan’s comfortability and ease are the utmost reasons why so many people purchase them. You want your next weekend to be comfortable and lacking nothing. To experience a glitch-free weekend escape, here’s a list of the caravan accessories you must have.

caravan accessories

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Dual Battery

You have to power your gadgets and devices without worrying about your battery. A dual battery helps you with an independent power source from your caravan’s main battery. The dual battery serves many purposes, as you can use it to charge your devices while running your engine.

The dual battery supplies you without a lot of power without thinking about your power going off at any particular point. This is why a dual party is one of the top accessories you should have with you while taking your caravan for a weekend getaway.

Towing Mirrors

You might want to speed up while driving to catch up with something or just for fun. But this might not be possible due to the width of your caravan. It can restrict you from many things, and you might not want to risk overtaking other cars because of the danger that follows when your view of the traffic is blocked. This makes towing mirror one of the important accessories you must get for your caravan. The towing mirror can be permanently fixed to your caravan or used only when towing.


If your goal is to enjoy your trip without any form of discomfort, then you need an awning. It gives you extra shade to sit and relax outside when you want to take a rest or relax. All you have to do is get awnings to enjoy the extra shade.

Weight Distribution Devices

A weight distribution device is very important for your trip as it helps to regulate the weight distribution between the caravan and your vehicle. If you don’t have the support of any weight distribution devices, then your caravan might move sideways. Your problem is solved once you fix a weight distribution device to the coupling between the two vehicles.

Reversing Cameras

Most times, you want to reverse, and you go through a lot of stress because of the width of your caravan, which impresses you from seeing a lot of things. An expert at driving a caravan might not find this difficult, but a novice caravanner might find it difficult, hence needing a reversing camera. Placing a reversing camera on the back of your caravan helps you get a better view.

Solar Panel

A solar panel is essential to your trip while traveling in a caravan. It helps provide an additional power supply, and you don’t have to be dependent on the deep cell battery alone. A solar panel can save you a lot of stress on the trip while keeping all your gadgets alive.

12V Caravan Light

A 12-voltage led light can take your camping experience to a whole new level. It provides a strong and reliable extra lightening. It can be added to a vehicle, caravan, awning, and canopy.

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