We all have been there once, standing in front of the mirror and not liking what we see. We silently wish we were a little taller, shorter, maybe a little olive-skinned, or a tad bit fairer. We have sucked in our tummies only to feel as slim as the model on the fashion magazine cover lying on our dresser.

However, being flawed is being human. With society and your mind constantly telling you that you do not look good enough, it is best to start accepting your flaws and being happy in your skin!

The more confident you are in the way you carry yourself, the better you look. But how to build that confidence? You amp up the reflection you see in the mirror! And how do you do that? By dressing to kill. Often, plus-size women have this idea that they cannot look as good as women with slim bodies. It is not true. Suppose you wear things that suit your physique. In that case, it is undoubtedly possible for you to look as gorgeous and beautiful as anyone else!

Here we give seven tips on how to wear a plus size dress and look stunning:

  • Get The Perfect Shapewear:

Shapewear is terrific to give your body a slim, sleek look. It preps you up for that dress to flow perfectly and look amazing over your shaped body. A little tucking here and there can completely alleviate the look of your plus-size clothes. Just get yourself shapewear for plus size women, and you are good to look beautiful.

And the best part is, shapewear is not only for plus-size women. They can be worn by ladies who have slimmer bodies but need a little shaping, preferably in the tummy, hips, or thighs.

  • Accept Yourself:

We know this is not a styling tip, but it is essential. Before we jump onto the next pointers, know that to look beautiful, you first need to feel beautiful. Accept yourself for who you are, and do not feel insecure about your flaws. All humans are imperfect. The more you come to terms with your perceived flaws, the better styling choices you can make for yourself.

  • Black Is Your Best Friend!

We all love black, do we not? It is just so elegant and striking to wear, along with the fact that it practically looks good on everyone! Darker shades, mainly black, make you look slimmer. It is fashion design 101. It is a basic rule of styling, and it works wonders for plus-size ladies. Have a lot of black basics in your wardrobe, along with black dresses and stylish statement tees.

  • Choose The Right Silhouettes:

The cuts you wear can make or break your look. Some silhouettes indeed complement a curvy body more than the others. Of course, it is fine if you want to wear a particular style because you like it. But if you are conscious about how that dress makes your physique look, then focus on wearing classic silhouettes. These are the fits that perfectly grip your body without looking extremely clingy or too loose.

If you choose pants, try and pick those with a tailored look; a straight-legged or boot-cut fit would also do fine. However, avoid wearing loose pants. When choosing skirts and dresses, go for A-line or pencil skirts. The goal is to wear something that flatters your body. One silhouette that looks gorgeous on plus-size women is the empire cut along with a deep neckline.

  • Pick The Appropriate Fabrics:

Like cuts, different fabrics can also make your body look slimmer and shaped if chosen correctly. A fabric that clings onto your body, such as polyester, will not flatter your physique. Go for materials that fit well, but at the same time, do not cling to your body. Here is an excellent guide to choosing the perfect fabric to make your plus-size dresses look great!

  • Amp Your Plus-Size Attire With The Right Accessories:

Once you have chosen the right dress, the next thing you need to decide is how to accessorize it! There are ways jewelry can make you look stylish in a plus-size dress. It would be best if you went for bold and chunky pieces rather than the minimalistic ones. Accessories that make a statement often become the focal point of the eyes looking at you. And this means a smaller amount of focus on the seemingly less flattering parts of your body.

  • A High-Rise Jeans Is Perfect For You:

Often plus-size ladies believe that wearing high-waisted jeans will make them look bulkier and not good. However, it is quite the opposite. High-waisted jeans can instead make you look slimmer and more shaped. It helps you cover the bulge around the waistline and hips and gives a consistent, sleeker line around the area. Trust us on this and buy yourself high-waisted denim, and we are sure there will be no going back for you.


Looking beautiful is more about how you feel in your skin than how you physically look. Your outfit can make a tad difference here and there. But the bottom line is, whenever you feel comfortable and confident being yourself, you exude beauty!

If being plus-size is something that makes you insecure, then know that it is not a flaw. The perfect choice of dresses and accessories can make you look drop-dead-gorgeous and flattering. Just remember to stick to the tips mentioned above, and you are good to flaunt your plus-size attire!

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