This cold season choose a faux fur coat to add to your wardrobe and upgrade your style quotient. Faux fur coats are always in season, and it is hard to ignore them. However, many people keep off wearing faux fur as they have no idea how best to wear them and at the same time how best to style them with outfits in their wardrobe.

How do you then wear faux fur coats as an everyday outfit this cold season? Faux fur jackets are warm winter coats that you can buy in various colors, designs, and length. Choose faux fur coats as they are an easy way to make your outfit stand out. Below are ways to style your faux fur coat.

The all faux fur look

Do you want to make a statement with your faux fur outfit and look trendy at the same time? Choose faux fur here by putting on a long faux fur coat. Plus, ensure that it is faux fur. When it comes to this type of coat, always fake it and ensure that the fur is faux. Therefore, shop from retailers that follow the no fur policies. Since there are some that claim they are selling faux fur and yet it is the real one.

Especially a coat that has fur trimmings than one with a full-on fur coat. So as you buy a coat that blends well with outfits in your wardrobe, ensure you check the actual hair tips. For instance, synthetic faux fur looks blunt and not pointed. Also, ensure the base is not leathery but a material backing to get the real faux fur coat.

Choose your style

Always shop your style when you want to wear faux fur. Many people worry that they will not get the right faux fur for them, and they will end up looking like a honey monster. However, there are many faux fur styles that you can choose from in the various trendy pieces.

Choose your style

For instance, if your style is that of cropped or bomber jackets, look for them in the shorter pile section. Nonetheless, don’t shy away from exploring new styles for they may look as elegant on you. For example, try out faux sheepskin and faux shearling. They are statement coats, but they give you a less voluminous silhouette. Now get shopping and get the best faux fur coats from your favorite store.

Slim it down 

By their very nature, faux fur coats are pretty bulky garbs. Hence, when you choose to wear them, it is best to slim them down. So, to avoid looking as voluminous in these coats and losing your body shape. Tone down the volume and ensure that the outfit you wear underneath has a streamlined fit. For instance, you can pair them with slim-fit trousers or pants.

Slim it down

If you love layering for your top half, fashionistas advise to avoid it as the coat will keep you warm. So if you need to feel warm with no layers, wear a polo neck with your coat. If you have to wear a jumper under your coat, pairing it with chunky knits are better than fine knits.

Wear it casual 

Many ladies store their faux fur coats in their wardrobes to use them only when going out. Yet you can give your faux fur coat a casual spin and still enjoy your coat. Look cool with your faux fur coat by having it over your weekend look of skinny jeans and a tee.

Wear it casual

If it is not freezing, show some bare ankle and throw your trainers to stand out with your casual ensemble. Try out various casual looks with your coat, and the more you experiment, the more you get something that works for you.

To sum up, the above tips will help you know how to wear your faux fur. Plus, many shopping spaces bring together various designs and faux fur coat styles to give you an array of options to choose from.

Choose the color of your coat depending on how best it fits other pieces in your wardrobe. Like a black faux fur coat is a classic piece. Choose a leopard print for its striking look, and if you are a brave and bold fashionista, a pink faux fur coat is a perfect autumn coat.

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