Chances are you’ve been on the road and seen a vehicle pulling a large boat. Well, it may look simple and easy, there’s a lot that goes into boat transport. Before you put your boat out on the road or transport it by water, it’s essential that you get it insured and follow the proper steps to relocate it safely.

If you’re thinking about doing a boat transport, take a look at the information below to find out how you should go about it.

Doing a Boat Transport  By Yourself

There are a few things that can help you safely move a boat yourself. Here are a few  recommendations:

  • Within the boat, take out all loose items, such as ladders, water equipment, cups, and bottles. Make sure that they are still secure and won’t move during the transfer if you plan to leave anything inside. For example, if you have items that poke out from the yacht or boat, like an antenna, take it off.
  • It’s safer to clear the fuel tank while you’re moving your boat if you plan to do boat transport by land.
  • In winter you can  winterize your boat prior to moving it
  • Shrink wrap the boat, but do so cautiously.  If you are not sure what you are doing, you could damage it. If you want to move your boat carefully, contact moving professionals to do the boat transport for you.

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Do a Boat Transport with a Moving Company

Reach out: First, contact a boat moving businesses. Get an estimation of the cost of boat transport to figure out the price of the transport you are expecting them to do for you. Yachts are costly to take care of, so it is necessary to use the safest way to relocate them. Thankfully, a boat relocation service can do it with no problem

Get the price for boat movers: Boat transport movers will need to know the size of your boat and the distance they’ll have to travel to get you to your destination. These are the two primary details that determine the cost of boat transport.

You may also have to pay extra for services such as hiring a rigger. The contrast between the cost of boat transport for a boat on land and on sea is also a determining factor.

Read reviews: Moving a boat by water and by land requires movers that are experts at what they do. Take some time to read through website reviews so that you can get an understanding of how well a particular company does boat transport.

Reading online reviews on Google and Yelp is the best way to get honest, unbiased opinions. You can hear firsthand from other boaters what their experience was like with the company.

Getting Measurement Details for Your Boat Transport

When you ask for a boat transport, you’ll need the dimensions. The instructions below advise how to accurately measure your boat. This information is essential to making sure that the transporting company can safely get your boat from one destination to the next.


When measuring the length of your boat, be sure to include the swim platforms, bow pulpits, outboard motor brackets, and also the outboard motors themselves. If the boat is on a trailer, be sure to include the tip of the tongue to the end of the motor. Make sure this step is done carefully.


The maximum height of the majority of overpasses is 13 ft by 6 inches. Oversized yachts generally require wide-belly trailers that allow them to keel to set down low. When you use these types of trailers for large yachts, it might be low enough to avoid using a pole car if the boat is less than the standard State height restraint.

Boats with an average height over 13.6 on a trailer need special transporting and routing. It’s vital that you measure from the bottom of the keel to the highest part of the boat.

Also, depending on your boat model, the fly or command bridge may have to be taken off. It’s essential to measure your boat without the bridge and also give the bridge dimensions to make sure that you receive the correct transport space. The bridge should be put somewhere that’s safe insecure on the boat. If you have to put it on the trailer, use a frame to prepare it and give it something to rest on.

Furthermore, if your radar arch is not on, it too should be fastened securely against your boat. It’s a good idea to also use some type of carpet to shield certain areas where services might rub together.

Beam Width

The beam of your boat is calculated as the widest point of the boat including any other parts that are connected to the boat. Vessels that are water than 8 ft by 6 in are referred to as oversized and they require state permits. Be sure to obtain them before you start your journey.

Prep Your Boat for Transport

After you’ve gotten a cost estimate and the correct measurements, it’s time to prep your boat for relocation. In addition to that, you may want to think about getting AAA boat insurance or some other type of insurance to make sure that it is covered during transport.

Anything can happen, and you want to make sure that you secure your investment. Here are some things you should do to prep your vessel:

The Boat Interior

All of the items on the inside of your boat should be thoroughly inspected to make sure that they are tucked in securely. All of the locking doors need to be locked and secured, and any items on deck should be safely latched down.

To avoid any mishaps, it’s a good idea to lock your cabin and keep the key yourself.

The Exterior of the Boat

Any electronics, radar arches, horns, antennas, anchor lights, propellers, lights, windshields, flag masts, and anything else needs to be removed and packed away. It’s best to securely close it up and pack it below the boat.

Most boat transport companies won’t be responsible if they damage any of these items.


Hatchets need to be tightly fastened and sealed with tape to avoid damage from water. They should also be tucked securely to avoid the hatch from opening while in transport. Doing this step also prevents damage to the vessel caused by rainwater or a leaking hatch.

Windows and Windshields

The cabin windows must be safely fastened and taped from the outside. Any windshields or plexiglass that stick out over the flying bridge need to be taken off and wrapped with a cargo blanket. These items also should be tucked below the boat.

Zebra Mussels

If you are doing a boat transport from one state to another, thoroughly inspect the vessel. Look inside of the engine, and through all other fittings. Take a look at the drain scrubbers, outdrive, and any other areas of attachment.

Sometimes officers will do boat checks for zebra mussels at weighing stations. If zebra mussels are discovered, then your boat could be taken away. You’ll have to set an appointment for hot water removal. You may also have to have your boat driven over saltwater before you can use it In a freshwater location.


Your cushions, grill deck chairs, and other items could be damaged during your boat transport. Sometimes when there’s quick movement or winds that come across the vessel, it could significantly ruin those amenities. By using a canvas cover, it helps to minimize some of the wear and tear that could happen during transport.

It’s also a smart idea to shrink wrap oversized boats during relocation. This step helps to protect the boat from dirt and debris as well as any road tar that could get inside of the vessel.

Boat Transport Made Easy

As you can see, there’s a lot that you’ll have to do before your boat transport. The good news is, you can always hire professionals to do the job for you. That way, you don’t have to worry about the headache of getting your vessel from one place to the next.

Not to mention, if it’s easier, you could always put your boat into boat storage. Storing it in a safe place is often a good alternative if you plan on going back to the location where you currently have the boat located.

If you learned more about boat transport by reading this article, feel free to browse more of our website. We published tons of content on a variety of topics, so there’s plenty to learn and explore!

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