Many times, we are willing to switch our network providers for a cheaper alternative. However, the big chore is unlocking your iPhone. As you may expect, all carriers lock their devices. Usually, their aim is to stop you from switching to another provider. What’s more, nearly all customers remain with locked phones. That’s even after they have paid off their contracts or payment plans.

Luckily, you can easily find a way to unlock AT&T iPhone. There are several methods to do this. Still, there’s one preferable approach – using a third-party unlocking service. Here’s a quick overview of how to unlock AT&T iPhone right.

Initial AT&T iPhone Considerations

Perhaps, carriers have been locking their devices for quite some time. Still, unlocking them isn’t impossible. Bypassing this unjust restriction requires a little reading. If you want to unlock AT&T iPhone, you can try doing it through your carrier.

First and foremost, you must ensure there are no due payments on your contract or payment plan. If you have debts to commence, you can’t ask AT&T to unlock your iPhone. The same goes for devices that are in the “stolen or linked to illegal activity” list. Bear in mind that recently upgraded handsets must wait for two weeks. After the “buyer’s remorse” period ends, you’ll be eligible for an unlock AT&T iPhone service.

Unlocking Your AT&T iPhone after Your Contract Has Ended

Typically, it shouldn’t be a surprise if AT&T doesn’t provide efficient help. Ending your contract may sometimes mean that you have to deal with the issue on your own. Of course, this procedure is entirely doable without additional help. Just visit the AT&T website and go through the unlocking steps in your account. Just remember to fill in every space as AT&T won’t do anything unless you provide full information.

Moreover, don’t forget that they don’t want to lose you as a client. Therefore, chances are high; they won’t chase you for blank spaces. After all, that would mean to accelerate the processing of your request – something entirely not in their favor! Even then, chances are high you won’t get the desired result. Sometimes, carriers provide incomplete unlocking services. That’s why it’s best to hoop to a quicker and more reliable alternative – factory unlock.

What is Factory Unlock?

Arguably, the IMEI number plays a significant role in unlocking any mobile device. If you don’t know what IMEI is, it’s the unique number every gadget has. Some models have stickers on their backs with it. Still, you might need to use an IMEI checker to get yours.

Anyways, this method is the safest and quickest way to get your iPhone unlocked. What’s more, it’s so secure and reliable that most people refer to it as “factory unlock”. In a nutshell, you need a mere IMEI number and a third-party unlocking service provider.

Typically, such platforms can alter your phone’s status directly from the manufacturer’s database. In your case, you will have your iPhone’s marker reassigned from locked to unlocked.

If you use other methods, you risk Apple sending you a software update that can reverse the process. With factory unlocking, you’ll get an unlock AT&T iPhone code within a few days. After you finish the procedure, you’re ready to go.

An Effective Method to Unlock AT&T iPhone

As already mentioned, network service providers won’t benefit from freeing your device. Sometimes, they may offer an incomplete unlocking. Therefore, relying on third-party services is the most effective method to unlock AT&T iPhone. Simply search online and choose a company with a high rating.

For example, you can get your AT&T iPhone unlocked at CellUnlocker.net. The platform is one of the best when it comes to IMEI unlocking. CellUnlocker can free virtually any iPhone for a small fee. What’s more, you’ll get an unlock AT&T iPhone pin in a few days. Unlike AT&T, you will get a 100% guarantee for a productive factory unlock.

Simply go to the provider’s website and go to the unlocking dialogue. There you will find a simplified form where you can provide your contact e-mail, IMEI number, and iPhone model. After you transfer the service fee, you can expect an unlock AT&T iPhone pin within a few days.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you shouldn’t stick with any carrier unless you’re content with their terms and conditions. Besides, you may just want to keep your device without signing a new contract. After all, you never know when you may need it again. Therefore, unlocking your iPhone is a wise move.

Consequently, you’ll be able to switch to another network provider if needed. Besides, there are plenty of cheaper offers. Don’t remain stuck with a bad contract and get an unlock AT&T iPhone code now! Last but not least, always think of your device as your property. Keep this in mind the next time your carrier rejects to unlock your device.

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