Dip Powder Nails are your go-to manicure if you want durability without the cost of bendability. In addition, it is relatively easier to do compared to other alternatives because it does not require UV lights like gel nails and lesser fumes compared to acrylic nails.

However, despite these strengths, manicures are still not impervious to everything. Factors such as improper application of dip powder, under-prepped nails, accidents, and even the weather, especially during colder seasons, might take a toll on any nails.

Like all types of manicures, Dip Powder Nails can still be susceptible to damage. However, with the right tools and resources, it can be fixed temporarily, if not completely. 

Fortunately, dip powder starter kits are portable. Since it already has the necessary tools, you are only a few materials away from a just-in-case crack in the nails.

Nonetheless, before we fix a crack in a dip powder nail, we must first understand why it happens.


Why Dip Powder Nails Crack?

There are a lot of factors that affect why dip powder nails crack. Moreover, cracking is just one of the many concerns you might face; there are also issues like fading, lifting, bubbling, and chipping.

These issues appear in Dip Powder Nails because the nails were not prepped enough, or the application of dip powder nails was sloppy. 

Make sure the nails are prepped well before starting the application of dip powder. It would help if you started cleaning them, making sure no dirt or traces of oil are left in the nails; otherwise, particles would trap air that will cause bubbling.

File or buff any visible cracks and cut loose nails. Even the slightest impurity in the nail can damage the overall finish. Often than not, chipping starts from a crack; that is why you should properly do this part. 

Additionally, don’t rush the application of the coats and dip powder. Too much dip powder will make it bulky, and too little will make it susceptible to lifting and cracking.

How to Fix A Crack Nail Part 

The most effective way to fix a crack is to remove the manicure, apply nail glue, and reapply the dip powder nails. By removing the dip nails, you can retouch any impurities that would otherwise cause further damage. Additionally, it makes applying the nail glue more manageable.

Furthermore, you will need your standard dip nail starter kit, nail file, Acetone, bowl, and cotton balls.

Removing the Dip Powder Nails

First, using a nail file, buff the top layer off the cracked dip powder nails; make sure to do it very gently to prevent the crack from getting more significant. Then, steadily file the top coating until the nail is buffed and covered in dip powder.

Next, fill a small bowl with a generous amount of acetone, enough to submerge the affected nail. You buff the dip nail first because you need the acetone to penetrate the dip powder from the filed top layer; this makes it easy for the acetone to remove the manicure.

For the next 10-15 minutes, let the nail soak into the acetone. Afterward, if traces of dip powder are still stuck, a cotton ball with acetone will easily remove it. Regardless, you can submerge the nails again if the layers are too thick.

Applying the Nail Glue

Nail glue is an adhesive specially formulated to adhere to nails. Nail glues are also used in acrylic nail extensions found in your typical acrylic nail kit; aside from that, nail glues are fast dry, water-proof, and clear, making it perfect to temporarily glue back nails.

First, lightly buff any impurities sticking out from the crack; make sure not to put too much pressure, as this would only damage it further. Afterward, you apply two coats of nail glue to fuse the crack. Make sure to evenly spread it to prevent any snagging when the dip powder is reapplied. 

When the nail glue is dry, apply additional clear nail polish to strengthen the fuse. Afterward, you then proceed to reapply the dip powder again.

Reapplying the Dip Nail Powder

Once the nail glue has settled and the crack has been fused back, you are now ready to reapply the dip powder nail using the nail dip powder starter kit. 

The process is not much different from the usual application. You start by cleaning the nail off debris and oil, making sure no foreign particle is left in the nail.

Next, you apply the base coat to protect the nails and strengthen them. Afterward, you dip the nail again into the colored dip powder. Make sure you get enough dip powder layers of it; not too much that would make it bulky and not too thin for the crack to reappear.

Lastly, you apply a top coat to seal the powder and to protect it from the elements.


Having the best long-lasting at-home dip powder nail kit anytime is very convenient to manicure enthusiasts. It provides the opportunity to do dip powder nails anytime and handy in fixing any issues.

To prevent any types of manicure problems, pay attention to application and prepping the nails. Overlooking these steps will cost you that fine and gorgeous dip powder nails.

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